3 Minute Lace Braid Updo Tutorial

    3 Minute Lace Braid Updo Tutorial

    3 minute lace braid updo

    Ok, so She have to say I’m kind of amazed I have never shared this tutorial with you before, seeing as this very updo is the reason I’m blogging and doing tutorials in the first place…. This super easy and quick lace braid updo was the first (and for a long time only) updo I knew how to do in my hair. By the way, my hair was very long then, so this just shows how versatile this hairstyle is. Don’t believe me? Well, this is how long my hair was then (this is a picture from a shoot I did for my music album in 2013 or 2014…):

    So long hair, short hair, doesn’t matter (as long as the hair in the back reaches your shoulders). In the above picture I’m not using any extensions by the way. I miss my long hair, Anyway……

    I always got a ton of compliments on this updo. Strangers even asked if it was ok that they took a photo of it to show to their stylist. After I cut my hair into a bob and had very short hair in the back, I kind of forgot about this one. I rediscovered it recently and it is once again my go-to when I’m pressed for time. So let’s get to it. I’ve also included a video tutorial further down if you prefer to watch and learn.


    1. Pick up a section near the parting and divide it into 3 strands
    2. Start by crossing the front outer strand over the middle, then the back strand over the middle.
    3. Add in additional hair into what is now the outer front strand and cross it over the middle. Cross the back outer strand over the middle without adding in any hair to it.
    4. Continue the braid, adding in hair only from the front until you’ve added in a couple of sections from behind and below the ear. Braid a bit further without adding any hair and secure this braid temporarily with an elastic. Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side, leaving some of the hair out of the braids.
    5. Combine all of the hair into one regular braid (remove the elastic from the first braid) – The two lace braids will be the two outer strands and the loose hair will be the third middle strand.
    6. Tuck the braid underneath, hiding the very end of it in the pocket that has formed over the lace braid.

    TIP: When I did this lace braid updo on my then long hair, I used to tuck in the very end of the braid in the exact same spot. I then folded the rest of the braid more and played around with the placement. It will look like an elaborate bun updo.

    Here’s the video tutorial as well:



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