4 Easy Steps to Good-looking Skin

best beautytips for oily skin

Easy Steps to Good-looking Skin

Are you getting tired from your grayish face in the morning in the mirror? Do you daily apply makeup, foundation, concealer, highlighters and bronzers to make the skin glowing and beautiful? Like others you also ask for yourself that there may be a better way. Well, we not all have so many resources but there are many ways what are helpful for us and that make our skin look glowing and radiant. We just have to follow some easy, natural beauty regime!

Are you interested? If it is so Then you should follow the below mention regimen for beautiful skin. They all are easy, completely natural, but you will see the improvements every single day, although big changes of course cannot happen overnight.


Cleanse your day, every single day with water and a facial cleanser and after that apply day cream that contains natural oils such as maracuja and babassu. This step is also best for the oily skin! Oil free skin cream didn’t make your skin, oily infect they make your skin oil free and pimple free. You can search the best skin creams from the web and the local store.


During the whole day, try to eat foods like pineapple, blueberries, kiwi, or you can eat any kinds of fruit. For example, for a great skin you can take a breakfast that consist of the smoothie with bananas, one cup of frozen blueberries, coconut water or fruit juice, and baby spinach. This smoothie is completely filled with the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs and add glow to your beautiful skin!

Clay mask;

Once a week use a clay mask in the morning it will deep cleanse your skin. Use a clay mask that removes dead skin cells and gives you a glowing complexion. If you feel any difficulty in finding the mask, moisturizer and any other thing

Skin brushing/ exfoliation;

On the weekly basis, you should do skin brushing with a special skin brush. You should do very gentle on your face as well as on the body. It will help you tostimulate blood circulation, make the skin glowing from the inside. After the dry brushing and showering, apply a natural body lotion, which includes the ingredients like active manuka honey and jojoba oil. It is considered as the best moisturizing ingredients and also gives you beautiful skin.

Every evening, is important for you to cleanse the face, especially if you apply the makeup during the whole day! Pores want to be clean and breathe, otherwise makeup will clog up and you have to face the grey look in the morning.

If you are young lady then don’t need to use a night cream, but after hitting the30s, you should follow a natural night cream – one that contains the oil free ingredients. That means: get rid from the petrolatum! Instead, stay use the one with the natural oils and some anti-aging ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10 and hyaluron boosting extracts such as PhytessenceWakame.

Follow these steps to improve the skin. If you can’t wait to look glowing and radiant then start the above mentioned steps for the glowing skin beauty regime today and get looking great in no time!

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