5 Tip to Make Your Skin Glow on the EID

how to get glowing skin

make your skin glow on the EID

Every girl wants to look beautiful on the EID. And in order to look beautiful, do you know how to care your skin, hair in a perfect manner? To help you in this troublesome preparation jobs, I have collected tips to teach you to be attractive lady on the EID day.

Use Nourishing Moisturizers Day and Night;

According to Many people cleansing is the most important step to reduce blemishes. It is important to clean the face twice a day, with a gentle anti-bacterial cleanser. But, after that you should apply nourishing moisturizer. Choose the moisturizer that includes the ingredients like grape seed oil, maracuja, vitamin E and kelp extracts.These ingredients also balance the sebum production, helpful to prevent dirt and grime that block the pores and cause a prematurely aged appearance. An important ingredient to look for in a nighttime moisturizer is avocado oil.

Take fruit juice every day;

Take 3 cups of fruit juice every day. If you continuously drink 3 cups of juice every day, you will be get the white skin without spending cash on the creams and lotion. Try to take apple juice, Kiwi juice and orange juice. These are good choice as compare to others.

Eat Salmon and Fish Oil Supplement;

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for the skin. Fatty fish like salmon and herring are considered to be the best sources of these nutrients. A fish oil supplement will give you the deserve glow.

Take a fish oil supplement to keep the skin clear and it also keep your skin saves from sagging that natural remedies for skin can bring the good effect on our skin. According to the recent study, daily supplement improved the firmness by 20%.

Water and exercise;

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Blemishes and acne breakouts occur on the skin when the pores become blocked with dead cells or excessive oil. The idea that the sebaceous glands are overactive could be incorrect. Exercise sweating help you to prevent blemishes, but you have to drink plenty of purified water to eliminate the dehydration and also support the process of sweating.


Take a facial from your skin care specialist at least once a month. If you don’t have time or budget you can do it at home.

Cleanse. Wash your face with facial cleanser according to your skin compatibility.

Exfoliate. Use the facial scrub after the cleanser. Scrub your face in circular manner and after 5 minutes Remove the facial scrub with lukewarm water.

Steam.Steam also improves skin hydration. For the face take steaming water in a basin and add a lemon juice. Cover your head with towel and face and lay it to your face for 5 minutes.

Mask. Before applying facial mask make sure to check your skin type. For dry skin hydrating facial mask is best and for oily skin clay based facial mask is best.

Tone. Use a toner according to your skin. It will leave your skin fresh looking and feeling. It helps to close pores, remove oil and prepare your skin for makeup.

Moisturize. Apply your daily moisturizer after mask. At night use a night cream to make your skin glow.

Follow these tip you can take care of your skin to look good on the EID. You’ll be surprise by the difference in a very short time.



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