5 Easy Tips On How To Style Your Hairs With A Hat

5 Tips AndTricks On How To Wear Your Hair With A Hat

5 Tips On How To Style Your Hair With A Hat

Wearing hat has become a great fashion accessory and give a chic finish to an outfit. For this, pick a hairstyle that does not require so much volume on the top. The last thing you need to know is styling your hairs to make them flat. Here are the 5 easy tips on how to style your hairs with a hat.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  • Part your hair into two sections, top and bottom and clip away the top section.
  • For this lightly wavy look, pick up bigger sections of hair. You’ll roughly need to divide the bottom into six sections (3 on each side) and the top into six sections as well. Feel free to modify depending on the thickness and density of your hair.
  • Start by picking up first section in the front, brush it through. While holding it horizontally, clamp the flat iron on to it, rotate it 180 degrees away from your face and bring it slowly down the hair-shaft.
  • Now take the next sections from behind your ears, bringing them a bit forward so it’s easier to grab on to and repeat, always rotating the flat iron 180 degrees and pulling it slowly down.
  • Release the hair from the top and repeat those exact steps.

Additional Tips:

1. If your hair is thicker, it will be quicker and healthier to divide it into smaller sections that you can go over with the flat iron just once. Remember the idea is not to make neat curls but to give your hair a nice wave and slight curl at the bottom. Pay special attention to the front pieces as they will be the most noticeable. Curling them away from your face is the most flattering when wearing your hat of any kind.

2. If you wear parting to one side, try flipping the hair to the opposite side before putting the hat on, then flip back once the hat comes off! A quick and easy way to regain volume.

3. Put a bit of dry shampoo or hair powder at the roots. This will help absorb oil and humidity from sweating and help you easily regain volume with your finger tips after taking the hat off. This Redken Powder Grip is a great choice.

4. This one doesn’t apply strictly to hair, but it’s important you pick hats that aren’t too tight! Otherwise those marks in your forehead will ruin any look.

5. Updos – stay away from styles that are fancy at the top, like braids close to your head and top knots. You might mess it up with the hat and end up being self conscious about it. Instead choose low ponytails, side ponytails, low braids or low buns.


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