6 Things That Are Destroying Hairs Without Realizing It


Things That Are Destroying Hairs

No hairstyle will look beautiful on your hairs if they are destroyed! The hairs that are well taken care and healthy are easier to style. We reveal 5 ways that are destroying hairs without even knowing it. Scroll down and make sure that you are not doing any of these shits.

1. Brushing wet hairs.

Applying any tension or pull to your wet hairs can cause of breakage because water swells the cuticle and stretches it out. You should use wide tooth comb (tangle teezer) to brush the wet hairs and be extra gentle. It detangles your hairs perfectly without pulling.

2. Rubbing your towel brutally against your hair or wearing those big towel turbans.

Again, wet hairs are more fragile than dry, so treat them with extra care. It will reward you with less frizz. Use your towel to gently squeeze out water before applying conditioner. No rubbing! And kindly avoid those big towel turbans. It can weaken your hair roots by pulling on them.

3. Tying wet hair into a high pony or bun.

If you do not have enough time to dry your hair before going out the home, braid it loosely or put some salt spray in it, crunch it and let the wind do the rest.

4. Overdoing it with hot tools.

Most of us apply some sort of hot tools to make our hairs ‘listen’. But do not try to blow dry or flat iron it afterwards. Wait until your hairs are almost 80% dry then use a blow drier at the end with medium heat. If you are going to flat iron it as well, make sure your hairs are already completely dry and again, use heat protect-ant too!

5. Skipping haircuts.

If you are growing your hair out you can not skip haircuts! There are chances that your hairs will keep breaking off and you would not see any real hair growth after a while. Instead ask your hairdresser for a dusting (trimming 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch) every 6 – 8 weeks.

6. Tying rubber elastics too tightly and taking them off wrong.

This especially applies to many braid lovers! If you create braid up style then be careful of how you tie rubber elastic. By tying them tightly could cause of damage at the ends. Also be careful while taking them off.

Life is too short to have boring hairs. Lets help each other to have healthy and beautiful hairs.


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