7 Quick And Easy Makeup Tips For College Girls

8 Quick And Easy Makeup Tips For College Girls

Easy Makeup Tips For Girls

Are you a college going girl and want to look stunning? Scroll down to get quick and easy makeup tips that will help to save ton of time and make sure you get in class on schedule.

1. Always apply light tone makeup.

It is most important to use light tone makeup. Sharp makeover will make you look mature and and you will lost all your teen-age innocence. So, gals, always focus on light makeup that will make you much pretty.

1 always apply light tone makeup

2. Apply a good moisturizer.

You need to use moisturizer enriched with sunscreen to hydrate your skin and protect you from ultra violet sun rays. It will make your skin so soft and get ready for makeover. Also, make sure that it matches your skin tone, either you have dry or oily skin.

2 apply moisturizer to get soft skin

3. Get an eyelash turner and mascara.

Putting mascara on daily basis is not a good practice. However, you can use an ‘eyelash turner’ to make curly lashes, easily available at any beauty shop. After apply lengthening mascara to make your eyes pop out without being too dramatic. It will also save your time because single or two coat are just enough.

4 Get an Eyelash Turner and Mascara

4. Use best kajal.

Kajal plays a vital role to enhance the beauty of eyes. It makes your eyes prominent. Apply the kajal at the inner rim of your eyes that will give a lavish look.

5 apply best kajal inside eyes

5. Use black gel eyeliner or eye pencil.

Your eyes might look sleepy if you have not had enough sleep last night. To cover up this issue, you can apply thin line of black gel eyeliner or eye pencil on upper lid of eyes.

6 Use Black Gel Eyeliner or Eye Pencil

6. Brush on some blusher.

You can use a light tone of blusher on cheeks to attain fresh look and rosy look. Just take a lighter pink shade and apply it gently to add attractive shine.

7 Brush On Some Blusher

7.  Moisturize your lips with lip balm.

Finally, a tinted lip balm would help in augmenting the beauty of lips. You can apply any shade of lip balm that perfectly matches your dress. However, if confused, then use pink color of balm that goes well with any kind of attire.

8 Easy Makeup Tips for Girls

What other #makeuptips you have encountered? Give up the goods!


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