8 Hairstyles For Long Wavy Hair

Hairstyles For Long Wavy Hair

Hairstyles For Long Wavy Hair

These days, not a single is in the fashion infect there are many different looks for women to keep them stylish and are also very easy to maintain. Hairstyles For Long Wavy Hair are in plenty, to make it easy for those who don’t have the straight hairs.

Mid length hair style :

Mid length hair style is very trendy nowadays for women. With this hairstyle you do not need to spend couple of hours on the blow dryers, hair straighteners and all kinds of other products to make your hairs stylish.

Ponytail With A Side Braid :

Curly hairs are considered to be the difficult hairs when it comes on the maintenance, but on the other hand curls also looks beautiful. With a ponytail Side Braid, you can keep your curls in fresh and non-tangible through the day.

Soft Waves With Volumized Crown:

Let your curly waves embrace your shoulders. Feathered your curly hairs an outward direction and the short front bang will definitely make the hairstyle quite charming.


Waves with Side Sweep:

Side-parted your hairs and let them rest on your shoulders casually. In response, a side sweep will give a sex appeal to your personality.


Middle-Parted Layered Waves:

When it comes to the casual look with long wavy hair, Middle-Parted Layered Waves is the ideal choice for every single lady. You just have to leave your center-pated layers totally free and enjoy the casual look all the day.


Semi-High Wavy Ponytail:

To get this sizzling look is very easy. You just have to create a huge poof at the top and then shape the rest of the waves into a semi-high ponytail.

Wavy Ponytail with Volumized Top:

This low ponytail with waves may look like a boring hairstyle but once you combine it with the loose puffed up top it will give you a stylish Wavy Ponytail.

Textured Waves with Dramatic Side Sweep:

Texture give waves a wonderful hold and this is why these waves are in fashion these days. That long wavy side sweep given you a dramatic retro effect.


I hope the above mentioned hairstyles will help you to manage your curls easily.


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