9 Best Hairstyles For Round Faces Labeled As Charming

    9 Best Hairstyles For The Round Faces Labeled As Charming

    What is common in Kirsten Dunst, Olivia Munn, Adele? These beautiful, stunning and gorgeous actresses have round face shapes, like normal human beings. Just because of the right hairstyle they always look beautiful, stunning, and gorgeous. The basic purpose of the best hairstyles is to flatter the broader, delicate and gentle features.

    Layering, bob, bangs or wavy hairstyles are considered as the best hairstyles for round faces. Round faces are normally labeled as charming and you should try to give an extended look to it. You may discuss to the famous hairstylist for recognizing the most flattering style for your hairs.

    Below mentioned are the 9 best hairstyles for round faces:

    01. Bangs

    At every single hair length, bangs play a role of the flattering for round faces. Side swept bangs also give flattering appearance to your face or you can carry lengthier bangs and little wisps that touch the cheekbone according to your haircut or type. Zooey Deschanel‘s blunt bang is a good choice to flatter the wider faces – angled layers around the chin is helpful too.

    02. Long hair

    On a round face, long hairstyle always looks great.  Mila Kunis has basically a round face and she often carries long, straight or wavy hairstyle. Long hairs flatter the round face because it makes the impression of length on the face and straight hair makes the face slim from the sides. At last, the final result would have a nice slimming effect on round faces. To get this look, you must have super straight hairs and you know the usage of flat iron.

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    03. Long Bob

    Some people have naturally round face and above mention hairstyles look best on them. I always prefer the appropriate longer hairstyle for round face because it makes your round face seem less round. Bobs are not an appropriate hairstyle for the round face, but on the other hand, this rule is not applicable to all females. The main reason behind is that they highlight the roundness of a face. If you like the Bobs on your round face, make sure it touches the chin couple of inches below and styled it roughly. Long bobs with the bangs make perfect choice for the round face.

    04. Side-swept Bangs

    According to the hairstylist, bobs and shortcuts are not appropriate hairstyles for round faces shapes, but side-swept bangs  with straight short hairs looks good on the round face. Side-swept bangs add angles to the short hairstyle and straight hairs didn’t add size to the face sides. You can go for the shag hairstyle; it also look best on the round face. Side-swept bangs  looks great when they touch the cheekbone of round face lady.

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    05. Shoulder-Length

    Shoulder-length hairstyle looks great on naturally round-face shapes. If you have a round face make sure you add roundness on both sides of your head. Olivia Munn’s hairstyle is a good example of shoulder-length hairstyle for round face.

    06. Up-swept Up-do

    The up-do also looks great on the round-face. Try up-swept bangs with up-do; it really looks stunning on the round face. You can take the example of the Scarlett Johnson, she has a natural round face. Up-do really looks beautiful on her just because of up-swept bangs.

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    07. Center Part

    Middle part hairstyle also flatters the round face. But make sure about one thing that you add layers in your long hairs; otherwise the hairstyle will look old-fashioned.

    08. Natural Waves

    Many round faced women have natural wave in their hairs. If you too have natural wave, make them out with the help of below mention tips. You can take the example of the Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz. Natural wave works on all hair lengths equally as well as on the super short haircuts. Simply wash your hairs and spray the hairs with the salt spray and comb your hairs. You can make the salt spray at home also. Allow your hairs dry naturally and after it, take it in your palm and squeeze it gently so natural waves come out by squeezing. Pixie hairstyles is a best choice for the round face.

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    09. Classic Bob

    Generally bobs are liked by everyone, but classic bob that touches the chin really good on the round face as compare to the long bob. The question is why? A straight cut that touches the jawline or above, it can really highlight roundness but on the other hand, long bob flatters a round face on account of the length. But the good thing about the long bob is that it looks good on all hair textures from wavy to straight hairs. If you have thick, rough hair you don’t have to worry long bob make you gorgeous.

    Before choosing any haircut you should know your face shape. For finding the most flattering hairstyles for your face you can take help from any online makeover software or any hairstylist.


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