Add Fashionable Bangs to Your Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs add an element of mystery to long hair. They provide a contemporary look to both women and men. The hottest long hairstyles with bangs are excellent to attain as a look that is both alluring and sexy. In fact, bangs with beautiful long hairstyles can even jazz up the simplest headwear. Of course, the hottest long hairstyles with bangs are determined by the face shape of the person. The star of “The Devil Wears Prada”, Anne Hathaway, introduced amazing bangs with beautiful long hairstyles as Andrea, which certainly spruced up her appearance and went along with the designer of apparels. A normal person doesn’t even know that bangs are also present in different forms! There are many different hottest long hairstyles with bangs that depend mostly on the texture and style of the hair. The shape of the bangs can help accentuate the attractive facial characteristics of a person. Beautiful long hairstyles should also be planned according to the person who wants to wear the particular style.

Beautiful Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Straight Bangs

Straight bangs can be combined with many different beautiful long hairstyles. They cover the forehead and draws attention to the lips and jawline. Long hair with bangs can help to make your big forehead seem smaller. A normal ponytail, when combined with bangs, can look pretty hot. Here, you should comb your long hair straight and style it around the brows. The length of straight bangs is usually short to moderate. Keep in mind, straight bangs that have no angle to them. These are not well-known and common since they could be combined with various other hairstyles.

Short Bangs

Short bangs go nicely with inspiring short hairstyles. Here, this quickly hairstyles may be difficult to make with layers. For wild haircuts like these, it is much better to go for short bangs that can stick and spice up the foundation hairstyle. Furthermore, these bangs can be made to look sexy with inspiring short hairstyles through the way you comb them. They also look nice with inspiring short hairstyles and can be teased and angled a bit in the case of hair.

Bangs with Partings

Bangs with partings can change the look of an individual as compared to the regular bangs. Furthermore, parted bangs are suitable for any face shape. You can combine parted bangs with different hairstyles such as the hottest long hairstyles, and you don’t even need to think if it will suit your face shape since it works well with all face shape, including round, oblong, square, and heart face shape. Parted bangs are really versatile and can add glamor to long hair or inspiring short hairstyles. You can keep your bangs straight, wispy or wavy. You can even keep them wild and wacky. If you want to make quick inspiring short hairstyles and you have naturally curly hair, you can have short bangs and part them at the center to give a composition to your face. If you have long hair and want to change your look without losing your much-loved length, you can go for parted long bangs that will work nicely with even the hottest long hairstyles. For bangs like these, you can even have irregular edges as long hair tends to fall flat on the face. Parted bangs can help draw attention to your eyes, and you can emphasize your eyes even more by using a little mascara and eye shadow.

Side-Angled Bangs

Side-angled bangs look great when your hair is loose or even tied. This type of bangs are brushed to one side of the face, hence the name. If you want your bangs to remain the same way for the rest of the day or night, you need to comb and use a gel or other hair products to keep them in place. If you want to keep your bangs at one side, they should be a little long. You can also have a sleek appearance by pinning your hair at the back and brushing towards the bangs on each side.

Long hair with bangs can help you change your look greatly without getting into too much of a hassle. Always remember, before trying a new hairstyle with long hair, you should keep your face shape and the texture of your hair in mind. If you keep short bangs, you can monitor and manage them much more easily. If you want to keep long bangs, you need to keep in mind that your eyes and brows may be covered completely, so only go for long bangs if you are confident you can manage them. Try hairstyles that suit you and your long hair best. All things considered, long hair styles with bangs can be fun and flirty. All you need to do is a little experimentation and then enjoy all those envious eyes on your long hair!


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