The Best 3 Sweater Trends In This Winter Season

The Best 3 Sweater Trends In This Winter Season

Hello everyone!  I am loving all the fun sweater trends happening right now for fall!  I picked out three of them to share with you all today.

The Best 3 Sweater Trends

First up, I love the extra long cardigans because you can wearing leggings and get coverage from behind!  They are a fun, exaggerated take on the classic cardigan.  Next is the “lace up” as I like to call it.  These sweaters are popping up everywhere this year!  They are super cute and add a fun new detail to the regular old sweater.  The patch cardigan trend is carrying from the 90’s that is coming back.  I love the look of the patches because it adds detail to the cardigan and gives it a fun and different look.  I love the patches trend right now. They are all over jeans to jackets and It’s so cute.

The Long Cardigan

The Lace Up

The Patched Cardi



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