The Most Best Face And Body Moisturizers For Girls

The Most Best Face Moisturizers For Girls

Best Face Moisturizers

Moisturizers act as protective barriers for the skin and it is effective for skin care, they keep it healthy and hydrated. Need and use of moisturizer may vary but as a whole its daily use is recommended. If you have managed stress and are having good diet the other thing you need is the suitable moisturizer. Suitable moisturizer makes skin feel and look soft. Consider following in selection of moisturizers;

  • For dry skin: use a heaver, oil based moisturizer
  • For oily skin: use a lighter, water based moisturizer
  • For mature skin: use oil based moisturizers as they help preserve moisture
  • For sensitive skin: use soothing ingredients such as aloe
  • For normal/combination skin: use lighter, water based moisturizer

Best Face & Body Moisturizers

Among best face and body moisturizers, Cucumbers daily claiming-moisturizer for face with SPF 30 is at the top. It is 97% natural ultra hydrating lotion that contains soothing cucumber and aloe vera. It also contains zinc which acts as sun blocking agent. Aveeno positively radiant-daily moisturizer with SPF-30 is a non greasy multi-tasking lotion that protects skin and has light reflecting minerals for making skin look evenly toned.  Bees intense-hydration day lotion by Burt is refreshing product for the patched skin. It contains mafura butter which softens the skin. Another ingredient is clary sage which helps to retain skin moisture. For best texture Gross skincare age-erase moisture by Dr. Dennis glides on to the skin. It is a perfect makeup primer and creates smooth canvas plus allows blush and foundation to stay longer.

Among best body moisturizers the best is Crème-de-corps whipped butter by Kiehl that has airierand mouse like texture which is absorbs easily. Honey proteins and soy milk are its main ingredients which increase hydration.  Positively nourishing calming-body lotion by Aveeno is an anti-inflammatory soothing and chamomile lavender which is dermatologist recommended. This salve never stings even cracked skin. Daily dry-skin moisturizer by Jergens keeps the skin smooth even for 24 hours. Although it’s somewhat thick but it never leaves any greasy residue.

How to Use Moisturizer

Follow the following best ways to use moisturizer;

Step 1:  first step in knowing how to use moisturizer is buying suitable moisturizer. Purchase suitable moisturizer as per your skin. Serums or light moisturizers are recommended for those having oily skin. For dry skin heavier and thus more effective are recommended. If you have sensitive skin then avoid scented products as these contain more ration of chemicals.

Step 2: dispense a quarter size moisturizer`s amount on hands. The amount needed depends upon your skin requirements. As a whole it should be general amount.

Step 3: apply this moisturizer to the skin. Do not rub it too vigorously, as this can cause skin irritation and redness. Use moisturizer after cleanser or toner.

Step 4: continue with regular makeup-routine.

Don’t apply too much moisturizer at once. Use it as per need of your skin. Also do not apply moisture again and again, say after every 5 to 10 minutes. This is not the right way. Apply it and let it work. After only proper working of moisturizer only you can get soft skin.


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