How To Find Best Lipstick Shades For All Skin Types

How To Find Best Lipstick Shades For All Skin Types

It is a fact that every woman has different skin tone. There are majority of the woman who find complications in making the choice of best lipstick shades that goes out to be perfect for their skin tone. Below, I have mentioned best lipstick shades for women that are suitable to all skin types.



If you think that you have fair skin tone then the choice of orange based shades would be best option for them. Make the choice of some sort of juicy color shades that come across as brighten for your skin tone.

Source: MAC Cosmetics


For the fair skin tone, some of the additional best lipstick shades are red, pink, nude and dark.

Source: NARS Cosmetics

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In addition, make the use of such color tones that are not much murky for your skin tone. For such skin tones we would suggest alternating out red, pink, dark purple and nude ones.

Source: Burt’s Bees


Sometimes the women even want to add her skin one with the shades of honey warmth as well and in that case warm undertones would be best options. For making your lips look glamorous red, pink, darker lipstick shades and nude would be one of the top ideal options.


Olive skin tone is all about the oily and some sort of dry skin tone. For women with similar skin tone, red, pink and golden brown would be top class choices.


For making your personality look out bold and nude through lips then bronze can be one of the best choices. You can even mix the bronze with red, pink and yellow as well.


Deep skin tones can bring about to be gorgeous with red, pink, purple and berries color shades. In addition the mixture of red, pink and nude dark shades would be one of the finest choices.


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