The Best Short Bob Hairstyles Collection

Short Bob Hairstyles

Short bob hairstyles are actually short hairstyles for both men and women (though it is more often used by women) where the hair is usually cut flat around the top to about the length of the jaw. Usually, short bob haircuts are accompanied with bangs to make cute short bob hairstyles. Although short bob haircuts are a conventional hairstyle, they are really in vogue nowadays since more and more celebrities are choosing to sport this look. The best bob hairstyles come in various lengths to complement different face shapes and hair texture. There are short bob haircuts that go very well with kinked, level and curled hair, while other short bob hairstyles suit straight hair. Cute short bob hairstyles can easily be accommodated to flatter a variety of facial structures.

The best bob hairstyles are about types as well as alterations. They allow women to fashion independence like never before. There are so many cute short bob hairstyles to choose from, so there will always be something to suit your age, face shape and hair texture. Currently, the best bob hairstyles hold no age boundaries. There are cute short bob hairstyles available for little school-going girls, adolescents, teenage girls, middle-aged women as well as old women.

Before choosing any haircut from the best bob hairstyles, you need to make sure that you will be comfortable with the hairstyle. If you are not comfortable with it, then no matter how much the cute short bob haircuts suit your face shape and hair texture, it will not look good on you. Your uncomfortableness will show. No one other than you can decide which short bob haircuts you like and will feel comfortable with. Just make sure that the best bob hairstyles you wish to try out will suit your face shape and hair texture too. That is the best recipe for selecting the best bob hairstyles!

In addition to being simple and easy to take care of and style, cute short bob haircuts are multifaceted. Bob hairstyles are available in a whole range of tones and measurements. Some extend only to the earlobe, while others span to the shoulder. Some blare, others don’t. Bob hairstyles are suitable for almost every age, hair texture, hair color and face shape.

Type of Short Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are available in a variety of styles that will suit different face shapes and hair textures. You need to make sure that the bob hairstyle you choose will perfectly complement your face shape and hair texture, or else you could end up looking weird. You also need to make sure that the bob hairstyle you choose will enhance the attractive features of your face, instead of doing completely the opposite.


Although pageboy is somewhat different than a bob hairstyle, it is really similar to it and can be taken as a type of bob hairstyle. You can wear your hair right and the length of the pageboy haircut could go as long as your shoulders. The pageboy hairstyle includes bangs that are cut at or just above your eyebrows. It has been the trademark hairstyle of Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, for many years.

A-Line Bobs

A-line bobs are a very famous bob hairstyle. The hair is cut somewhat longer in the front and becomes smaller as it goes back. It was made intensely popular in the 20th century by numerous people, including iconic celebrities like Louise Brooks, Clara Bow and Theresa Russell (when she played the role of Sophie in the 1984 film The Razor’s Edge). It has become extremely popular yet again because it has been worn by present fashionistas like Victoria Beckham, whose A-line bob is layered in the back. It was originally on form, but has got numerous alterations since, such as the theatrical buzz cut bob in which it is shoulder length in the front but crew cut in the back.

Chinese Bob

The Chinese bob is cut at the neckline and bobbed up for the sting.

Currently, bob hairstyles are flaunted by numerous celebrities too. You can see the latest bob hairstyles on celebrities like Sandra Bullock (who has an angled medium length bob), Paris Hilton (who has gently tilted layers), Patricia Arquette (who has a short and blond bob hairstyle), Nicole Richie (who has a flat and glossy bob hairstyle), Jenny McCarthy (who has a pointed and accented bob hairstyle), and Rihanna (who has an asymmetrical bob hairstyle).

Possibly some of the most famous celebrities to flaunt a short bob hairstyle are Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. Victoria Beckham has a plain, fashion-forward unbalanced bob hairstyle (one side of her hair is longer than the other and the ends of her hair are pointed and slicing), while Kate Holmes cut her long wavy hair into a classic and beautiful bob with side swept bangs.


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