Blow Drying Your Hairs Like Professional Stylist Now

    Now Blow Drying Your Hairs Like Professional Stylist

    When you get a blowout from a salon, your hair becomes silky and voluminous and just beautiful. But when you try to do the same at home, it may not always turn out to be so perfect. Your hair could be a little poofy with wonky cowlicks, or it could be messy and flat. Chances are that you are not blow drying your hair properly.


    Blow drying is an art unto itself. There are some important factors at play. As easy as it is to go crazy with blow drying, you could be over-drying your hair. Or you could be using the wrong brush. Or you could be holding it incorrectly. You need to have the right brush, the right dryer and the right tips and tricks in order to blow dry your hair perfectly. Here are some things that you need to be doing in order to blow dry your hair like a pro.

    The Right Brush

    Choosing the right brush is extremely important in getting the perfect blowout. The biggest mistake you can make here is choosing a metal brush since it can heat up too quickly and can make your hair too hot. Instead, go for a round brush with a mix of boar and nylon bristles.

    Styling Product Can Make or Break Look

    A good styling product is key to the perfect blowout. If you want to add volume, apply mousse in your hair from the roots to the ends. Then, spritz a volumizing spray at the roots to add body to fine, limp hair. Also, don’t forget to use a heat protectant like argan oil to protect your hair from any heat damage.

    Importance of Pre-Drying Hair

    Don’t start blow drying super wet hair since it can take a lot of time. You need to get your hair about 80% dry before you can start blow drying it. You can either let your hair air dry if you don’t have to go outside for a few hours or you can use the blow dryer to rough dry your hair. Rough dry means you will use your fingers instead of a brush while drying. You don’t have to waste your time and effort in creating shape in wet hair since it will not hold the shape right now. Just blow dry your hair upwards and focus on the roots to get volume. Another way to blow dry is to flip your hair over and dry from above.

    Sectioning Hair

    Unless you have extremely fine hair that takes only a minute or two to dry perfectly, you need to section your hair before you start blow drying. You may think that this will increase the time it takes you to blow dry your hair, but it will actually help you save time as you won’t be blow drying the same hair again and again.

    Make sure your hair sections are not too big or too small. They should not be wider than the width of your brush. Also, don’t forget to leave out a section to start with.

    Creating Tension

    Another important factor to getting a smooth blowout is tension. You need to pull your hair taut with the brush before you start blow drying it, but don’t yank or over-pull it. Also, make sure not to blast heat on one spot for too long or you could end up damaging your hair. Keep you dryer moving. If your hair does not dry in one go, pass the dryer over your hair as many times as needed to completely dry your hair. You may feel like holding the dryer to your hair until it dries when you are in a rush, but don’t do that. You will only end up frying your hair.

    Angle of Holding the Brush and Dryer

    Make sure you hold your blow dryer horizontally and your brush vertically instead of the other way around. Doing it this way will help you get volume and curl. Blow your hair towards the back. If you pull your hair straight down, you will lose volume and curl.

    Heat Settings

    Once your hair is dry, blast it with the cool air setting on your hair dryer. Cold air will seal in the shape and movement you have created and will help your blowout last longer.

    Blow Drying Bangs

    If you have bangs, you need to blow dry them first as they dry very quickly. Never dry your bangs upwards or else you will only look crazy. Dry them to the right first, then to the left and finally straight down. On the other hand, if you don’t have bangs, blow dry everything upwards and backwards, and create your part after your hair is completely dry. If you create your part before blow drying, you may end up with less volume and be forced to wear your hair with the same part.


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