Awesome Makeup Ideas On Prom For Brown Eyes

Awesome Brown Eyes Makeup Ideas Form Prom Party

Most of the women think that along with the brown colored eyes just the Smokey or blackish eye makeup would look perfect. But that’s simply a wrong notion! For the brown eyes there are many neutral colors that make the eyes look out awesome and stunning by the end of the day. Some of the best colors for brown eyes are peaches and taupe. In the below article, I have mentioned awesome brown eyes makeup ideas for the women to look gorgeous on their prom.

Brown Eyes Makeup Ideas For Prom Party


Metallic tones like gold, bronze, browns and even pinks are few of the best colors that can make your brown eyes look out different and extraordinary.

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Purple color makes the brown eyes attractively beautiful.


If you are planning to attend any sort of evening parties then for the brown eyes eyeliner has some sort of special technique. You should apply the eyeliner at the upper eyelid at the eyelashes and along the lower eyelid carefully. For making the eyes look like cat you can even make the use of black eyeliner as well.


Eye shadows should have the light tones to the darker ones. Make sure that whatever colors and shadows you are using for the brown eyes they must match suitably with your brown colored eyes.

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If you have light or fair skin complexion then you must make the choice of some dark and brighter colors such as blue, green and marine tint, the color of fuchsia. For the brown or darker skin tone, use of olive-brown color spectrum would be perfect ones.

So, these are some of the best makeup tips and ideas for the astonishing brown eyes. Follow with these tips right now and turn your eyes as one of the striking ones for others.


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