22 Charming Women Bracelets With Unique Designs

Krisina Bazan: 22 Charming Women Bracelets With Unique Designs

Jewelry is amazing and pretty much everyone loves wearing at least one piece of jewelry on them regardless of whatever it is. A bracelet, a necklace, a ring or earrings – whatever you can take out from your jewelry boxit does not really matter. At least one of those things is on you right now, charming women bracelets.

Some people prefer bigger and bolder designs whereas others would rather wear something small and discreet. But that is the main reason people wear jewelry on them. Even though many people think the jewelry is just a decoration for your body, it actually is a lot more than that.

The jewelry you wear can make quite a huge statement about your personality. A lot of people that notice what you are wearing can make out a lot about you just by the bracelet that you are wearing. For example, if you are a wearing bracelets for women with a unique design, the people that notice it are going to know that you want to break away from the casual and do something crazy or just stand away from the crowd.

The bracelets that you are going to see in our collection of 22 charming bracelets for women with unique design today represent the lunar phases and are a perfect choice for any people who seek inspiration in the movement of the moon. Enjoy these new and brilliant designs which are full of inspirational and motivational ideas!


Lucky Silver Bracelets

Lucky Silver Bracelets

Beaded bracelet with silver-plated metal tube shaped piece and charm with a message of fortune.

Healthy Bracelet

Healthy Bracelets For Women

Beaded bracelet with tube shaped silver plated metal piece.

There’s Lovely Feelings Ring!

There's Lovely Feelings Ring!

Adjustable brown leather bracelet, with two little knots and the male and female symbol at the center, made of silver-plated metal.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction Bracelets

Bracelet designed in silver plated geometric pieces all joined by brown leather.

Tu Bi Hing Bracelet

Tu Bi Hing Bracelet For Young Women

Bracelet of several laps combining a leather lace with silver plated tubular metal pieces.


2001 Latest Bracelet Designs

Woman bracelet featuring superimposed leather strips and tubes in silver plated metal alloy.

Through The Magnifying Glass

Through The Magnifying Glass

Woman bracelet with buckle shape in silver plated metal alloy.

There Is Feeling

There Is Feeling

Adjustable brown leather bracelet, with two little knots and the male and female symbol at the center, made of silver plated metal.

Tied Up Bracelets

Tied Up Bracelets

Bracelet with brown leather bands and silver-plated metal piece.


Ibiza Celebrity Bracelet Trends

Woman wide bracelet in silver plated metal alloy featuring rolled brown leather strips.

Immortal Bracelet

Immortal Bracelet

Woman bracelet in silver plated metal alloy with leather strips interwoven.

Slipping Bracelet

Slipping Bracelet For Teen Girls

Bracelet with silver plated metal beads.

I Love It

Love Bracelet For Valentines Day

Woman bracelet featuring a heart and beads in silver-plated metal alloy.

Another Round

Another Round Bracelet

Woman bracelet with several strands and beads.

Crystallized Bracelet

Crystallized Bracelet 2017

Open bracelet with two laps with a spiral structure and made up of silver plated metal pieces and tubular beads of the same material.

WAKAME Bracelet

Wakame Bracelet For Night Parties 2017

Rigid silver plated metal bracelet with organic shapes and a clean design.

Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky Bracelet Style In 2017

Bracelet with silver plated metal and pink resin beads.

The Jewel

The Jewel Bracelet

Bracelet mounted on a leather lace and formed by silver plated metal pieces with an embedded blue Swarovksi Elements crystal and a beret lock.

I’m Rolling

Rolling Women Bracelet 2018

Woman’s fine bracelet made of leather and silver plated balls in different and irregular sizes.

Seeds Bracelet

Seeds Bracelet For Wedding Night

Bracelet composed by several beads in metal mix coated in 15 micro silver with form of seeds.

Be A Climb

Be A Climb Bracelet For Prom Night 2017

Wrapped leather bracelet with rounded silver plated metal parts alternating with knots on the skin and creative figures of the same material clinging to the leather.


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