Choosing Children Clothing That Will Last

Choosing Children's Clothing That Will Last

Choosing Children Clothing

Active children can be rough on clothing. Unless the clothing is made to be durable, it may not survive for long. When shopping for clothing for your son or daughter, be sure to evaluate its durability. follow the below tips when Choosing Children Clothing.

  1. Decide the usage:

    Clothing intended for indoor use will face less wear-and-tear than clothing intended for outdoor play. Outfits worn on a school outing can be expected to endure less than those worn on a camping trip. The more rigorous the usage, the more rugged the clothing should be.Choosing Children Clothing That Will Last is not a simple job.

  2. Evaluate the material:

    The quality of the material will affect its durability. Materials that generally last longer include cotton, polyester, and denim. Silks, sweaters, and lace are more delicate. Keep in mind, too, that delicates may need to be dry-cleaned or hand-washed, whereas more durable clothing should be able to stand up to regular machine washes.

  3. Test the seams:

    Well-sewn seams will prolong the life of the clothing; haphazard sewing will cause clothing to break down before its time. Examine the seam-work from the inside of the clothing. Watch for incomplete hems or loose threads, which could indicate inferior craftsmanship.

  4. Inspect the buttons, patches, and sequins:

    Are the buttons sewn securely, or does it appear they will they fall off within a short time? Are sequins and patches attached firmly, giving you confidence that they will survive your child’s rough-and-tumble behaviour?



  5. Consider the color:

    Dark-colored or patterned clothing will show less staining than lighter clothing. Colorfast fabrics will also last through more washings and sunlight than non-colorfast ones.

  6. Check for stain resistance:

    Considering the messy play and eating habits children’s clothing must face, stain resistance is a must. Otherwise, it may soon be overcome by splotches of mud, grass, and ketchup.

  7. Buy bigger:

    Because children go through growth spurts, buying a size or two bigger than needed will ensure the clothing can be used a bit longer. Otherwise, an item may be used only a handful of times before being outgrown and destined for life as a hand-me-down.

  8. Provide proper care:

    To maximize the life of your child’s clothing, be sure to follow the washing instructions on the label. Keep lights separated from darks, and run your washing machine on the proper cycle. Quickly address and rips, tears, or stains that might appear. Otherwise, the problems could become worse. Also, fold the clothing and store it in a closet or drawer, out of direct sunlight and in a dry room.


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