8 Common Makeup Mistakes That Most Women Make

8 Common Makeup Mistakes That Most Women Make

Makeup should always be used to enhance your natural beauty and not used as a shield. You have nothing to fear about girl! Makeup is only a tool to enhance your confidence and there isn’t anything taboo about wearing it on a daily basis. If you think makeup gives you the confidence you need, then go about wearing it and flaunting your style. Just remember, never to use it as a cover and damage your personality.

Here are a few makeup mistakes women usually make while applying their makeup. Make sure you go through the list carefully and avoid making these common makeup mistakes the next time you are preparing to be all dolled up.


1. Being timid

As stated above, makeup should never be used to hide yourself. In fact, it should give a boost to your self-confidence. Don’t allow yourself to feel timid and fear others. Welcome constructive criticism and goodwill advice, but don’t forget you have the power to make the ultimate decision. Therefore, don’t panic and go for what suits you best. You don’t have to worry about what people are going to think. Screw them all!

2. Not blending

This is one of the biggest makeup mistakes a woman can make. Blending is the foundation of a perfect makeup. If the colors and cosmetics are not blended properly, you might end up looking as if a child drew on your face. Whatever cosmetics you use, make sure to blend it thoroughly before applying anything else. It’s essential that you have a separate blending blush to blend your foundations, concealer, blushes and even eye shadows.

If you are not satisfied with your blending, always check your makeup in different lights. This will give you a better idea of how you are looking altogether.

3. Abusing bright colors

Bright colors look amazing, but then there is something as too much bright too. Avoid making this biggest of the makeup mistakes by only using them to accentuate one feature while working with a natural palette of colors on the rest of the face.

If you want to use colored mascara, then you’ll need to have a natural or a muted eye shadow. If you want bright lipstick then you’ll have to keep the rest of the face looking more natural with shades of taupe, brown, tan and other simpler, neutral colors.

4. Not adapting to your age

I’ll be as blunt as possible here. You certainly cannot wear the same kind of makeup that you wore while you were 16. You have to adapt to your age and try out different makeup regimes as you age. A women with a healthy skin can look beautiful at all ages but if you abuse makeup and try to be 60 going on 16 with your makeup, you’ll end up making yourself a laughing stock, so avoid making these makeup mistakes. Use tones and makeup that goes best with your age.

5. Wrong foundation choices

Well most ladies do go wrong here because there is an overwhelming majority of foundations available in the market. When you buy a foundation, go for a color that will blend will with your natural skin tone. Because foundations are blended into the hairline and neck, make sure you pick out the tones which suit you best. You can also use 2 different tones to create the perfect looking base for your face but just don’t overdo and make a cakey effect.

6. Plucking/waxing gone wrong

Make sure you don’t over pluck your eyebrows. It gives an impression of being hairier and also spoils the entire look of your face. When you pluck your eyebrows, always opt for a shape that compliments your face and not make it look bigger and broader to avoid making these makeup mistakes.

7. Applying powder makeup without a base

Our skin has a lot of its own natural oils. And it certainly doesn’t matter if you have oily skin or not. If you apply blush without a foundation or powder underneath it, it will not last for long. In fact, it will be baked blotchy by the skin oils and it will become darker and more prominent. Applying a layer of foundation or powder beneath will soak up all the extra oil from the skin and thus leave you with vibrant, original colors of the applied cosmetics.

8. Applying muted lipsticks wrong

If you want to apply a matte lipstick or a muted color, you should not forget to moisturize your lips before the application. This is one of the most common makeup mistakes. If you apply a matte lipstick without moisturizing, it looks very bad. Matte lipsticks soak up the natural oils in your lips to give it a matte finish, so you need to compensate for that by moisturizing your lips with a quality lip balm. And also remember to line your lips with a color that goes along the matte lipstick before you apply the color itself. Don’t ever use matte lipsticks on chapped lips!


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