Give Rest To Cosmetics With No Makeup Natural Look!

Kristen Stewart: Give Rest To Cosmetics With No Makeup Natural Look!

Let’s just get real here. It does not matter what amount of makeup you own or which brands you’ve made your collection. You simply cannot go out every day with layers and layers on your face and not giving your skin a chance to breathe and feel fresh naturally.  Whether you use only kohl and a lip gloss or put swaths of foundation everyday, you have to maintain that fresh look on your face. You certainly need to give your skin a breather every now and then so that your complexion can look good naturally. You have to sometimes give a no makeup natural look a try, for your skin. Although makeup is certainly fun and boosts your confidence. But it should not really be an obligation without which you cannot go out.

Give Rest To Cosmetics With No Makeup Natural Look!

Here are a few tips that will help you look gorgeous without dabbing on makeup every day. You don’t really need makeup to shine and dazzle in your own skin on days.

Stay groomed for your no makeup natural look

Always make sure that your face is well-groomed. For this, you need to focus on well-shaped and neat eyebrows plucked to perfection (well almost). Little protruding brow hair looks annoying and can destroy your whole look, no matter how beautiful your complexion might be. Make sure you arrange for regular threading appointments to kiss those eyebrow hairs and other facial hair goodbye which can kill your natural beauty too.  If you want, you can use some clear mascara on your brows to make them stay in place while you opt for the no-makeup natural look.

Tighten up your skin caring routine

Do not let go of your skincare regime. No matter how busy you are, make time to care for your skin religiously. A fantastic looking skin is the best way you can carry around and flaunt the no-makeup natural look. There is a lot of humidity, sweat and grime outside, so it’s essential that you never skip your cleansing, moisturizing and toning routines for a fresh looking dewy complexion. Follow this routine without fail! If you think you have sensitive skin, perhaps you can visit a skin expert or a professional beautician to know what cleansers, toners or moisturizers you ought to use.

Fabulous hair

Yes, a gorgeous haircut and healthy looking hair is an essential part of rocking that no makeup natural look. You should definitely get a cool haircut, one that suits and frames your face beautifully. Opt for layers or beach waves, or get into some professional styling for your hair. If your hair is well-kept and you have that thick looking swishy mane, nothing is going to stop you from grabbing all the attention, no matter where you go. Opt for home remedies or Moroccan oil treatments to get a beautiful, irresistible sheen to your hair.

Get healthy lashes

Lashes play a very important role in your no-makeup natural look. The more thick and beautiful looking lashes you have, the more confident you will be without makeup on. Yes, there is a way of getting beautiful looking, thick lashes naturally without having to dab on mascara or eyeliners. You’ll need some petroleum jelly for the routine though. Swipe some amount of the jelly on your lashes to make them thicker and longer. You will get all the drama you need without having to use your mascara or liners. You can also use a couple of eye whitening drops to make your eyes brighter.

Never go out without sunscreen

Skin protection is essential, especially for a no-makeup natural look. You need to shield your face and skin from harmful UV rays. It is essential that you never step outside without slathering on sunscreen. Sunscreen helps prevents dark spots and sun damage to your skin. A good sunscreen will help your skin age gracefully and it will definitely make you thank us when you get older and don’t even look it.

A bright smile and healthy lips

You don’t only need to exfoliate your skin. Your lips need exfoliation too. Take an old toothbrush, dip it in warm water with some lip scrub and gently exfoliate your lips with the brush. This will give your lips a natural shine and healthy red-pinkish glow for your no makeup natural look.

Put up a beautiful smile with a confidence, (don’t forget to brush your teeth and use a mouthwash) and you can never go wrong. If you are confident and smiling in your own skin, there isn’t anybody who will be immune to your natural beauty and charms.

Although these are some tips to maintain a healthy-looking natural complexion, you need to know that essential changes in your diet are also needed. Add healthy greens and fresh fruits in your meals and kick back on alcohol and caffeine. You need to look fresh and natural and these will help you do just that.


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