Create the Most Popular Hairstyles with Your Curling Iron

Curling Iron Hairstyles

If you still haven’t jumped on the curling iron bandwagon, it’s time you do so because we are about to show how you can create a variety of hot hairstyles with just a curling iron and your own two hands. Most curling iron holdouts believe that a curling iron can only be used to create tight, corkscrew curls that have been extremely popular in the decades past. However, the truth is, the styling industry has changed a lot in the past few years, and the curling iron has become an important product to create a variety of hairstyles and is surprisingly the tool behind most of your favorite celebrity hairstyles.

Buying a curling iron to create the hairstyles we will talk about does not have to be too expensive. On the contrary, the best curling irons are often those that are bought from drugstores. Numerous women have had the most success with Hot Tools irons, which are not only affordable, but can also be found in a variety of drugstores, department stores and beauty stores. So, what exactly is the secret to buying the best curling iron? Well, there isn’t any secret; you just need to have some simple knowledge. A smaller barrel means a smaller curl, whereas a bigger barrel size means a bigger curl. If you want lots of small curls, a 1/2″ barrel might be just what you are looking for, but to create most styles, you will probably need something bigger like a 1″ or a 1 1/2″ barrel. Larger barrels allows you to curl more hair at once, helping you create a more Hollywood-esque curl, especially when combed out.

Ever wonder how all the celebrities walking down the red carpet get the perfect California waves or how their ponytails always have a certain type of bounce? The answer lies in the curling iron. Not everyone can roll out of bed with a perfect hairstyle, including celebrities. Obviously, they have expert hairstylists who advise them about the tricks of the trade and style their hair regularly. However, the average woman only has her own two hands and maybe some help from a friend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the styles you love.

Curling Iron Hairstyles

Simple Waves

Let’s start with some simple waves like Lauren Conrad’s California waves. These waves are full of volume, comfortable and free while looking absolutely natural. To get this look, work a heat protectant product like argon oil in your hair to protect it from the curling iron’s heat. Now, start curling your hair from the back and work your way up to the front. You want to take a section of hair that is comparable to the size of your iron barrel (so, use 1″ section of hair for a 1″ barrel) and curl away from your face.

Once you have curled your hair, soften them up by running your fingers through them. If they are still too tight, you can brush them a little bit. To finish the look, spray a light hold hairspray and voila, you have got yourself everyday quick waves worthy of the red carpet. For this hairstyle, a 1″ curling iron is encouraged as your curls will loosen up and widen when you comb them out, making it look as if you used a wider barrel – meanwhile, your curls will stay in longer so you won’t have to touch up your hair frequently. It is recommended that you spray hairspray after you have finished. If you use it before curling, you will only be baking alcohol into your hair, which will make you hair brittle. Your hair oil or protective thermal serum should be enough to keep your locks wavy and maintain the curls.

A Classic Faux Bob

Now that you have a foundation, you can work with many other styles using the wave. For instance, these simple waves are a great foundation for creating a classic faux bob. To get this look, curl the top half of your hair, and braid the bottom half and pin it against the back of your head for a smart look. Let the top layer with curls to sit in and comb them out just a bit. You could also give yourself a deep side part. Pair the classic faux bob with a red lipstick for a stunning look that is perfect for a flapper’s Halloween costume or a black tie event.

Veronica Lake Waves

Veronica Lake-inspired waves are also possible here. Just curl your hair towards your face and set them in place with big setting clips. Then, spray a medium hold hairspray and let your curls set while you put on your makeup. Afterwards, pull the clips out and lightly brush your hair again towards your face. And voila! You have got a hairstyle worthy of Rita Hayworth.

So, what are you waiting for? Get curling!


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