How To Create Simple Smoky Eyes For Beginners

How To Create Simple Smoky Eyes For Beginners

Do you want simple smoky eyes? Lets get started.



Apply a shimmery eye shadow to highlight the brow bone area and also around the tears of eyes. Use a white eye shadow for pale tone. However, if you have a darker skin tone and don’t want a stark light then go for champagne or a taupe shade.


Take some bronze on a fluffy blending brush and placing the brush down the extra corner of eyelid.  Use circular motions to latte in that color in the crease. If you have problems in blending your eye shadow, keep your eyes open when applying your crease color. In this way, you won’t make mistake of blending your eye shadow up too high.


Next, use a grey eye shadow and start on the outer corner again in circular motions to distribute the majority of shadow onto the eyelid. One side, the bulk of the product lay down. Blend whats left across the crease of your eyes.

* With beginners makeup, I have questioned that how to get the both eyes look same. If you apply the eye shadow on eyes simultaneously, you are much less likely to go wrong.


Take a touch of that bronzer again and apply it into the crease to ensure that you cant see where it begins and ends. To further ensure that everything is blended seamlessly together, use a clean blending brush. So, already 80% of the smoky eyes are complete. Its now up to you how dramatic you want smoky eye to be.


I am repeating the steps now. Starting by intense, find the grey then add some more brown. Blend around the edges to ensure that you have a nice fate. You can repeat these steps until you have the level of intensity that you desire.


If you do not want the eyelid to be completely bare then use a skin tone shade that has some pinky Flexner to add some light sparkle. Apply it using a cotton board and take it halfway across the lid.


Line the upper lash with black eye shadow and you don’t need to be neat with this because it will be done in a minute. Do not create a wing with the liner. With an angled brush, flick it upward to feather out the black eye shadow. Black is very hard to work with. Which is why, we have used gray in the crease first. So, when lining the upper lash line, apply little at a time and build up the color. Use cotton board on the other end to smudge the black eye shadow and make the eyes smoky.

* If you want to intensify that bit more, you can add a torture to that black eye shadow on the edge of the corner. Just remember to blend it really well.


So, all of you have to do now is give your eye lashes a good squeeze with an eyelash curler. Then apply a couple of coats of your favorite mascara. For the lower lash line, keep shadows to the outer corner and built in the colors from light to dark. Start with the brown eye shadow and then take some grey. Smoke a tiny bit of the black along the extra parts of lower lash line.

So, gals, I hope you enjoyed this simple smoky eyes tutorial. If you did it, please let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe Hairstyle Makeup.


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