Cut Blunt Bangs With These 4 Steps At Home Now

    Cut Blunt Bangs With These 4 Steps At Home Now

    Bangs look really cute for ultimate winters as something a different. Want to get a little more wispy look? Follow these easy steps to cut blunt bangs.

    Know How To Cut Blunt Bangs Easily:


    First make a little triangular shapes. Its gonna be like side swept bangs tutorial where you just did like half of your head. If you have thinner hairs then go up higher. But if you do have thicker hairs then take that in consideration. You can make it a little lower whatever.


    Make a diagonal line from middle to around your brows. Lets see how it looks. Its a little bit off center. Dividing here is not going to be easy and you’re not going to be perfect at it. You just kind of wanna go as close as possible. Hope for the best. This is about good.

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    Clip your hairs back with a little clippie. If you want to flare out division more, you can obviously make the triangle a little wider. If not then just go to where your eyebrows are.


    Those who are left handed must twist hairs to the left and to do it like right where the nose is. Just cut it.

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