Cute Choppy Pixie Haircut and Hairstyles Ideas

Pixie Haircut Ideas

Do you ever get fed up sporting the same old hairstyle for a long time and wish to try something new, probably a sexy pixie haircut for a change? After all, you do realize how countless women continue to stick with the same hairstyle for many years. If you really are sick of having the same hairstyle, this could be the time to attempt something you have not tried before. It’s high time you bring out the fun and cute side of you that will stun everyone. Here’s how you can do that.

For instance, you can try getting choppy and pixie hair cuts to change your style. After all, nowadays, choppy and pixie hair cuts have become extremely popular than before. Twenty years back, you would not find so many girls opting for a short hairstyles and pixie hair cuts. However, the situation has changed completely now. Now, you can find hundreds and even thousands of creative, beautiful and amazing pixie haircuts ideas by looking at celebrities or on the internet.

This all begs the question: exactly how can you find the perfect pixie haircut that will suit you and make you look elegant? Here are many different helpful tips and ideas that will help you discover the perfect pixie haircut.

Tips and Ideas to Help You Find the Perfect Pixie Haircut

Which Pixie Hair Cuts Suit Your Face Shape?

It is extremely important that you understand your face shape since a certain hairstyle can look fabulous on someone else, but not on you because of the different face shapes. This is a fact that you have to understand in order to choose amazing pixie haircuts that will suit you. No matter how badly you wish to try something else that is not suitable on your face, you should refrain from doing so or else you will end up with a hairstyle that you will hate. By finding out what exactly is your face shape, you can save a lot of time and failed pixie haircut ideas and choose the perfect and coolest pixie hair style that will look amazing on you.

For instance, let’s say you have a round face. With a round face, you have to make sure that your chosen pixie haircut ideas do not make your face look much rounder than usual. Instead, go for hairstyles that will work to your advantage. For example, a long straight hairstyle is best for round faces since it can make your face look slimmer and longer. On the other hand, you should stay away from bouffant curly short hairstyles since they will make your face appear much rounder than usual.

Similarly, if your face is really long and thin, you would want to opt for hairstyles that will make it look more balanced and round, right? As you may be able to guess, the best hairstyle for long faces would be a bouffant or curled hairstyle and the worst hairstyle would be a long straight one that will make your face appear longer and thinner than usual.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing amazing pixie haircuts, you need to first determine your face shape and select a style that goes well with it. Determine whether your face is heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, square, oval or round, and find the right pixie hair cuts that will suit your face shape to bring out the beauty in you.

How to Discover Your Face Shape?

So, the question now becomes: how can you discover your face shape to find the coolest pixie hair style? There are two simple ways you can do that. First, you can simply ask your hairstylist to tell you about your face shape. A hairstylist has already been trained to be competent enough to understand your face shape just by looking at you.

The other way to find your face shape in order to select the coolest pixie hair style is by doing it yourself. It is very easy to determine your face shape yourself to find amazing pixie haircuts suitable for you. All you have to do to determine your face shape before finding suitable pixie haircut ideas is stand in front of the mirror and pull back all of your hair into a ponytail. If you have short hair and cannot make a ponytail to remove hair from your face, you can use a hairband so that you can see your complete face easily.

Now, just take a good and careful look at the borders of your face and look at which shape it resembles the most. Does it look like a perfect round shape, a square, or an ellipse? After you do that, you can select suitable pixie haircut ideas amongst the amazing pixie haircuts available. To ensure you made the right decision about your face shape before going in the search for the coolest pixie hair styles, just do a quick Google search and you can see lots of pictures according to your face shape.

After that, you can find pixie haircut ideas that will suit your face shape in order to have the coolest pixie hair style.


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