Desi Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Should Have

5 Desi Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Should Have

Desi Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Should Have

Cupboard doors wide open, clothes strewn around, and a plaintive cry of  “I have nothing to wear!” is something most women are familiar with.

Ignore all the haters – you know that every event,  and every single time that you step out has to be in a well put together outfit. If you’re complaining about not having anything to wear, it’s because you don’t have the right things to wear.

Dealing with this day after day can be frustrating, which is when wardrobe essentials will come to your rescue.

Every woman usually has a few staples in her wardrobe that she can slip on to complete just about any outfit. Here’s a list of some of the pieces that every Indian woman should own.

01. Printed Fancies:

Dupattas are some of the most convenient things to have on hand. They’re versatile, easy to carry and wear, and a great accessory.

Get one that’s reasonably long, and in your favourite print! Warli and bandhani prints are easy to find, but Madhubani or kalamkari printed dupattas are also readily available, and are absolutely beautiful.

You can pair your favourite dupatta with just about anything. Wear it with jeans and a t-shirt to make a fun desi style statement or with plain salwar kameez and a bright hued kurti.

02. The Jhumka Jangle:

Jhumkas are an Indian woman’s best friend.

Timeless and always stunning, variations of these earrings are found in every woman’s closet, and you should have a pair (or several) as well!

They look great with just about any ethnic outfit, and add a little touch of traditional glamour to your everyday pants-and-a-blouse look as well. Besides, you can get them in any length and colour if you aren’t a fan of the larger silver and gold ones.

03. Glamorously Chiffon:

If there’s anything that’s been associated with Bollywood longer than item numbers, it’s the chiffon saree.

Comfortable and flattering for just about every body shape, chiffon sarees, like the ones you can buy at Rediff.Com, take the saree to a whole new level of draped elegance.

Typically worn at parties and by celebrities on the red carpet, the chiffon saree has a certain sophistication to it, especially in the way that it sensuously hugs the body but leaves plenty to the imagination. A definite must-have for any woman.

04. A Bag For Everything:

If there’s one wardrobe essential that is present is every Indian’s closet, men and women alike, it’s the jhola and stylish bag.

The humble jhola will carry you through college, through long travels and daily excursions. It’s large enough to contain the plethora of things that you absolutely need to have with you at all times. And your faithful jhola will also complement just about any outfit you wear.

Remember, it doesn’t have to match to be the perfect accessory. Contrasting prints and colors will definitely spice up your ensemble.

05. Shoe In:

You probably already have a pair of juttis. But you can never have too many!

Is there anything so comfortable as a pair of flat juttis when you’re running down Indian sidewalks trying to catch that bus? And you look chic no matter where you are.

Juttis add a flirty, feminine touch to all your outfits, and are perfect for Indian roads. And they’re unbelievably cheap! Economical, pretty, and easy to find – it’s time invest in some new juttis today.


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