Different Ways to Make Beautiful and Lovely No-Heat Curls

No Heat Curls

Have you ever wondered how to create no-heat curls? Curls look great on all hair lengths, colors and types, but the heat from styling tools like curling irons can damage your hair. Furthermore, some ladies want the beautiful luscious curls, but just don’t want to bother with hot rollers or curling irons. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods that can be used to create no-heat curls. No matter if you want soft, face-framing curls or tight, kinky curls, you can have it without the damaging heat. Learning how to curl hair without heat is a great way to keep your tresses healthy for a long period of time.

How to Make No-Heat Curls

1. Braids

Braids are one of the easiest ways to create no-heat curls. You start off with washing and conditioning your hair as normal, but don’t dry it. Just pat with a towel to remove the excess moisture and gently comb through it to remove any tangles. Then, section off your hair and make braids. If you want tighter curls, separate your hair into many different sections and braid individually. If you want looser waves, try making a single braid. The fewer the braids, the looser your curls. Sleep in your braids or let them dry for several hours. When you hair is dry, take out the braids and enjoy your waves!

2. Headband

Wash and condition your hair as usual. If you recently washed your hair, then just get it wet. Pat it dry with a towel. Take an elastic headband that wraps all around your head and place it around your head. Take about a 1-inch section of hair, starting from the front, and wrap it around the headband. Use pins to secure the ends in place as you go. The tighter you pull your hair, the tighter your curls will be. Continue until all of your hair has been wrapped around the headband. When you are done, let your hair dry or sleep in it. The next morning, remove the headband and you will have nice curls at the ends of your hair. To keep the curls in place, scrunch them with some mousse and spray a little hairspray.

3. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a unique style, which can even be worn outside! So, you can go out with one style and remove the knots to have a completely different look. Bantu knots work in the same way as braids and can work on all types of hair. You start with clean, damp hair and separate the hair into different sections. Twist the section you are working on and carefully wrap the hair tightly around itself to create a knot. Then, pin the knot to your head. Do the same with all the sections and leave them to dry. After they have dried, take them out to get no-heat curls.

4. Buns

Buns are a wonderful way to create quick no-heat curls. They are useful in making lovely loose curls. As usual, start off with damp hair and twist it up into a bun. Let it dry overnight and take it out in the morning to get wonderful waves. You could also make your hair up into a bun during the day for work and have sexy waves for your date later in the night.

5. Rag Curls

To create rag curls, you first need many strips of material. An old t-shirt or towel works great for this. The wider your strips, the looser your curls. If you want tight curls, a 1-inch strip would be great. For looser curls, you can cut up to 3-inches wide strips. Make sure the length of the strips is a bit longer than your hair.

Take a section of hair and place the strip at the end of the section. Roll your hair up around the strip toward your roots and secure it by knotting the ends of the strip together. If you only want to curl your ends, secure the strip halfway to your head. If you want your curls to curve toward your neck, roll your hair under instead of up. When your hair is dry, untie the strips to loosen your hair. Do this gently if you want tight curls.

6. Rollers

Old-fashioned rollers are great tools for creating perfect no-heat curls. There is a reason they are still around. They work. Avoid sponge rollers as they tend to absorb all the moisture from the hair as well as the beneficial oils. Magnetic rollers and those covered in satin work great. The old-fashioned Velcro rollers work too.

7. Pipe Cleaner Curls

You are probably wondering how you can create pretty no-heat curls with pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaner curls may sound crazy, but it is actually very easy and is similar to rag curls. Just wrap your hair around the pipe cleaner, secure and remove them when your hair is dry.


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