Different Ways to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Different ways to rejuvenate your skin

Different ways to rejuvenate your skin

No matter how aware we are of the fact aging is a natural and inevitable process, most of us are always trying to find new ways to fight it or at least postpone it for a little while.

Some of us will rush under the cosmetic surgeon’s scalpel while others will try natural ways to rejuvenate skin and make it as glowy as it was a few years back.

Just remember, anti-ageing starts with simple things like a sensible diet, good skin care regimen, avoiding stress (as much as possible), exercising and being physically active and fit…

For all of you beauties who fall into the latter category, we will be singling out a few ways that will help with the rejuvenation process.

Boost your thyroid gland

Due to iodine deficiency, the thyroid gland function slows down with age; iodine has a vital role in basic metabolism processes since it is a key player in muscle and nerve function, and blood cell production. It helps your skin, hair, teeth and nails grow strong and healthy.

Nutritionists advise boosting your thyroid function “by supplementing your diet with iodine-rich Kelp, a seaweed that stimulates thyroid function”. Another way is by consuming dulse seaweed, which is another protein-rich, chewy seaweed that’s a natural source of iodine.

Stop the Fast Food train

Sure, it’s quick, it makes you full and you don’t have to spend hours preparing food. However, there is virtually nothing as damaging for the skin as fast food and junk food. Remember – anything that comes in a bag or a takeout box is your enemy! Try to introduce more veggies and fruits into your diet, drink about 2l of water per day (maybe even more) and if you don’t have time to cook – order from places you know have organic produce. That way you’ll help your skin at least a bit.

Fall in love with Yoga

Yoga is well known for its anti-ageing benefits and the peace and calm of mind. If you are working a lot it means you are exposed to immense levels of stress which will end up being visible on your face.  Amongst all the wonderful yoga asanas, embracing yoga posture will greatly boost and benefit the thyroid.

Further, yoga will help you decompress and get detached from the everyday craze you are faced with, and will therefore help your skin live a little. When your mind starts realizing it’s finally getting the peace it needs, your skin will join the chill ride – be sure of it. There is a reason why celebrities all over the world swear by Yoga, really!

Get laser treatments

If your skin is already too damaged with scars, acne or blemishes that aren’t solvable by any of the natural, home-made masks, embracing laser treatment is probably the best choice for you. Recent research has shown that the laser clinic in Bondi Junction is one of the most preferred by those undergoing laser treatments, so you may want to try it out.

Beauty Sleep

Sleep is an essential element to any anti-ageing regimen and to your overall health. However, these days getting a good round of 8 hours is almost impossible. Still, it’s up to you to find the time to relax and sleep properly, no matter the goos.  A good night’s sleep makes you look radiant and youthful and it helps eliminate the lines that lack of rest etches in the face. If possible, ‘unwind’ for at least an hour before going to sleep by either watching a movie you like or meditating/praying, to free your mind from the stresses of the day.

Follow these steps and we guarantee you’ll be looking younger in no time!



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