Dirty Hairstyles for When You Don’t Want to Wash Your Hair

    Milkmaid Braid

    If you wash your hair every day, you should stop right now. Washing hair too often can strip off its natural oils. Although it’s not the worst thing that can happen to your hair, it can make a world of difference to how your hair looks and feels.

    There’s just one problem to not washing your hair each day – usually by the third day (or second day if you have a very oily scalp), your hair becomes greasy and you may find it hard to come up with dirty hairstyles. In the perfect world, you would just roll out of bed with perfectly imperfect hair like in a rom-com or on Kate Moss. Sadly, that doesn’t happen in the real world and we are left with our unruly tresses, especially on days when the snooze button wins and you keep on sleeping until the last minute.

    Sure, you can use some dry shampoo, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. Although I love how ponytails and simple buns tame our unruly tresses, it can sometimes get too boring and you want something new. So, prepare to try some cool dirty hairstyles to reboot your tousled locks all day long. After all, the grease does hold a hairstyle longer and gives it more texture.

    Beautiful and Cool Dirty Hairstyles

    Milkmaid braid

    Second-day hair is much easier to style and will hold this hairstyle longer. A milkmaid braid is amongst the best dirty hairstyles when you don’t want your long hair to be left on its own. To create the trendy milkmaid braid, all you have to do is divide your hair into two sections, braid them both, wrap them around your head and pin them in place. Another thing that you can do is fake a milkmaid braid. Just create a center part and then part the hair at the back horizontally behind the ear to create 4 sections. Make a ponytail out of each section, then twist each ponytail and wrap it around your head, securing it with bobby pins.

    Side-swept chignon

    The classic side-swept chignon is one of the most popular dirty hairstyles around. It can easily cover up your greasy tresses, while still looking beautiful. Just rub a styling cream onto your locks and tie your hair into a knot below your ear.

    Buns made out of three braids

    Start with brushed and tangle-free hair, then tease your hair at the crown. Divide your hair into 3 sections and braid each one. Then, wrap each braid into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may need many pins to secure the buns properly.

    Blowout touchup

    Since all the heavy lifting is already done when you get a blowout, the only thing you need to do with your second-day hair is to revive the limp ends without too many products. To ensure these dirty hairstyles look good, request a lot of volume when you get your blowout as hair tends to get flat when it has too much oil. At home, simply use a dry shampoo to remove some of the extra oil and use a curling iron or flat iron on a couple of sections of your hair to highlight the style that remains. You can use a light-hold hairspray to finish the hair if you want your hair to look like it has just been washed.

    Headband waves

    Day-old hair is great for curling your hair because, as stated before, the dirty hairstyles will hold much longer. If you don’t want to use heat, you can use several other non-heat curling methods. For instance, you can use the headband method. Simply wrap your damp hair around an elastic headband and leave it on for a couple of hours or overnight. Then, just remove the headband and run your fingers through your curls.

    Fancy fishtail top knot

    A top knot is almost everyone’s go-to hairstyle for when they don’t want to do anything with their hair or if their hair is dirty. You can dress up the simple top knot with a fishtail top knot, which will look even better with dirty hair because of its texture. Start by securing a high ponytail and then make it into a fishtail braid. Massage the braid to loosen it and give it more texture, then wrap it around the base of your ponytail into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

    Bedhead waves

    Turn your bedhead hair into the perfect beachy waves. You don’t even have to use a curling iron or straightener to curl your hair into waves. Just separate your hair in small sections and mist them with a texturizing surf spray. After that, scrunch your hair with your fingers and you are ready to go. This trick will work with almost all hair textures, no matter the length.


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