Double Knot Hairstyle Tutorial for Girls

Double Knot Hairstyle Tutorial for Girls

Double Knot Hairstyle Tutorial for Girls

Double knot hairstyle tutorial for girls. Are you looking for some of the simple and easy steps for making the double knot tutorial? Well there are many girls that just love making the double knot because it is one of those hairstyles that give the personality with the innocent and lovely images. Right through the below portion of post we will going to mention step by step tutorial for making the double knot hairstyle for girls.

This hairstyle of double knot will be going to show out incredible results on the straight, wavy or curly hair. In the very beginning of the creation you should take two inch section of hair on the top of your head and after it just split it into two equal sections. Now you have to just loop them around and then gently tie a knot in your hair. You have to repeat with the same method for the second knot as well that is just placed below the first knot.

Now you have to tie up the hairs with an elastic band just below the second knot. For making the knot look out to be thicker and wider then stretch the knot little bit. In the end you have to pin the knot in place with a bobby pin. You can even make the choice to tie the knot in a reef knot that is just over the left over right then right over left.

Double Knot Hairstyle:

So all the girls out there if you just love out making the double knot then just stop thinking and follow the step of creation right now.


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