5 Simple Tips To Get Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup

5 Simple Tips To Get Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup

For the information, smokey eye makeup is very old type of makeup. It is most demanding eye makeup. It has always been in demand in dramas, movies and events. If you want to have big and attractive eyes, then you should do proper and dramatic smokey eye makeup! In this piece of writing, we will be sharing and throwing some light on the best tips and tactics for smokey eye makeup, you can have a look at these suggestions from this post.



In order to have perfect smokey eye makeup, you need to have a good quality primer. In the very first step, you need to make a proper application of primer on your eyelid and then blend it with your skin tone in a proper way and manner.


Make use of dark colored eye shadows like grey, blue, brown and black. Suppose, you are applying eye shadow of dark grey color, you have to apply it on the complete eyelid.


After this, use shadow pencil of darker color and blend these two colors with the brush.


Apply black eye liner and two coats of mascara.


Apply black line into lower inner side and give a black touch at lower outer side.

This is all from this smokey eye makeup! You should now make a complete follow up of this method and have beautiful looking eyes right now. As we all know that smokey eye makeup is a darker makeup so the only thing you need to keep in mind is to make an application of darker eye shadows in order to give a more sharpen and edgy look to your eyes. There are lot more tips that we will be sharing with our fans sooner or later. Also give us your feedback.


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