Dutch Side Mermaid Braid Tutorial for Girls

Dutch Braid hairstyle

Dutch side mermaid braid tutorial for girls. Do you want to know that how to make dutch side mermaid braid? Well if yes then you don’t need to look around here and there because right in this post we will have a tutorial discussion over the method of making striking looking dutch side mermaid braid for girls.

In the very beginning of creation of dutch side mermaid braid you have to simply take just one inch section on top of your part and split into three sections equally. This will going to be the start of the Dutch braid. Now after the partition you have to cross the right piece under the middle and after it just take the left piece under the right as it will be best for forming a braid. As yo are done with the cross of the middle section just adds in some hair. Now you have to keep on braiding on the right side as well! Now you have to position the braid along your hairline and over the top of your ear. As you pass it to your ear just stop adding the hairs in it.

Mermaid Braid Tutorial for Girls:





Now in the end you are all ended with the braid and just secure it with small clear elastic. For making it tight just gently pull at the sides of your braid to widen it. Just secure both braids together.









We are sure that this tutorial would have appeared as quite simple and easy for making dutch side mermaid braid! Just try it once right now!



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