Earth Toned Polish Trending This Winter Season

Earth Toned Polish Is Trending This Winter Season

This season numerous polish companies have been putting out sandy nude tones that are definitely not exhausting. Maybe because of the resurgence of the bohemian, all-natural look happening all over the fashion world; earth toned polish is the tint of choice for nails this fall/ winter season. To add to the earthy look, many ladies are picking tribal or bohemian nail art to top these tones, however pretty much any nail art (glitter, gems, charms) goes.

Some Earth Toned Polish Looks:

Jessica Custom Nail Color

China Glaze Nail Lacquer With Hardners Nail Lacquer Smitten Polish

Pahlish Nail Polish

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Orly Nail Polish Pure Polish Melyne Nail Art KB Shimmer Nail Polish Polish My Life: Nail Art & Nail Design

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