Elegant Hairstyles Fitting for a Special Event

    Elegant Hairstyles

    Elegant hairstyles are perfect for special events including the red carpet, proms and weddings when you really want to look your best. For such special occasions, you normally want to look the best in the whole crowd and to achieve that, you have to pay a lot of attention to your dress and makeup. But another thing that requires your utmost attention is your hairstyle since a hairstyle can make or break your entire look. Therefore, it is important that the elegant hairstyles you choose must go well with not only your hair texture and face shape, but also your dress and makeup. Doing so will ensure that you look the best, instead of looking overdone.

    Most elegant hairstyles are usually updos, but long hair can also be worn down to look elegant and classy if it is styled properly. Most of the elegant hairstyles that are famous right now are symbolic for sophistication and class. Trendy hairstyles that are really popular these days are usually the ones that are short and have a trendy and hip look to them. The current style for men includes classic gelled hairstyle, spikes and crew cuts. These elegant hairstyles are timeless in their appeal. These types of hairstyles are not only trendy and popular, but also a fad amongst both students and businessmen.

    As far as women are concerned, some popular elegant hairstyles include chignons, classic buns, long loose waves, glossy straight hair, half-updos, French braids and French twists. Any of these elegant hairstyles can add sophistication and class by themselves or can be made more special with the addition of jeweled ornaments and accessories in the hair. The addition of any such extras depends on your makeup and dress. You wouldn’t want your hair to steal the whole show when your dress is itself extremely sexy.

    Elegant Hairstyles


    Chignons, also sometimes called buns, are created by gathering all of your hair at the back in a ponytail or braid, twisting it into a roll and then pinning it to the head with bobby pins. At the moment, messier versions of chignons are really popular, with strands of hair hanging around the face at both sides that are not tucked into the chignon in any way, or with strands of hair sticking out of the bun itself. It is also possible to buy a complete chignon hairpiece and place it on your head if your own hair is too short to create the style alone. Chignons are very famous and elegant hairstyles for weddings and other formal occasions.

    French Braids


    French braids are created by gathering strands of hair in the sides of the top and incorporating them into the braid as you go down, instead of dividing the whole head of hair into three sections and braiding it. French braids are amongst the sexiest looking elegant hairstyles, but they can be hard to create on your own, especially in the beginning. Initially, you can get a friend to help you, particularly if you are going to wear this hairstyle for a special occasion. You can keep practicing making French braids at home and when you are good enough, you won’t need your friend and you can even incorporate your own unique twists to the classic French braid.

    French Twists

    French twists are delightful rolls of hair that produce a satiny and elegant look. They are especially popular for weddings. To create a French twist, make a low ponytail first but don’t secure it with an elastic or any other ponytail holder. Then, twist the ponytail upwards while hiding the ends under the roll you created so that your hair looks completely smooth. It is extremely hard to create a beautiful French twist all by yourself if you don’t have any experience, so it is recommended that you go to an expert hairstylist to get this look. Or you could start practicing making French twists way before the special event and if you become good enough by the time of the event, you can make it yourself.

    Short Messy Hairstyle

    Short messy hairstyles are very casual and elegant hairstyles. It is an extremely simple hairstyle and can be created easily by anyone with short hair. This hairstyle is especially popular in the summers.

    Straight Hairstyle

    Straight hairstyle is also a very popular hairstyle. Many women love having long straight hairstyles because they look so elegant and beautiful. However, your hair must be in a great condition for this hairstyle to look good.

    Classic Buns

    A classic bun is made by gathering all of your hair, twisting it and then pinning it to the head. It is a really beautiful and elegant hairstyle, and can be worn both casually and formally.

    Any updo can be improved with side curls, ringlets and bangs. You can also use different hair accessories (such as pins with sparkles, blooms, ribbons, jewels and beads) to secure the do and make it more attractive.


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