Most Essential Tips To Save Your Crochet Jewelry

Most Essential Tips To Save Your Crochet Jewelry

Crochet jewelry is the trendy concept in jewelry. More and more people are beginning to appreciate the amazing range of this type of jewelry. Have a look on the essential tips to save your crochet jewelry. Read on!

1. Do not permit to contact the jewelry with chemicals.

NEVER allow crochet jewelry to come in contact with soaps, perfumes, or any harsh chemicals because it will fade or ruin it.

2. Store the jewelry in dry condition.

Never store your crochet jewelry in a wet condition. First, dry it with a soft cloth and then store it.

3. Be gentle while cleaning.

While cleaning your jewelry, be gentle! Soft toothbrush and jewelry cleaner are good to safe the crochet jewelry. Make sure that the jewelry cleaner is totally free from the alcohol, or ammonia and avoid to scrub the jewelry.

4. Keep it separate from other items.

Store your jewelry in a plastic bag or in jewelry pouch to keep it away from other objects and to avoid the scratching. If you store your crochet jewelry improperly, you will have to experience scratching problems. If, due to some issues, you can’t store the jewelry in a bag, try to keep it away from other jewelry items to save it from the scratching.

5. Wear the jewelry before make-up.

Always wear the crochet jewelry for formal or the family occasions after applying the make-up, washing hands, showering, cleaning, doing laundry and perfume. Beauty products can stain the jewelry and reduce its brilliance.

6. Remove your jewelry before activities.

Avoid wearing the crochet jewelry while doing household works and remove it before taking a bath, swimming or before any sport activities. Sweat and water can damage the jewelry.

7. Clean your crochet jewelry with the solution.

If you don’t wear jewelry on a regular basis then can clean it with a slightly combination of water and ammonia and use the brush to remove dirt and stain. You can dip the jewelry for ten minutes in this cleaning solution and then rinse off with clean water. Keep your jewelry for a few minutes on a smooth cloth and then gently dry off and keep in your box. There is no need of the professional cleaning to maintain the elegant appearance of your jewelry.

Just follow the above mentioned seven simple tips and you will have your crochet jewelry looking fabulous all the life!


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