Sparkling Eye Makeup Tutorial For New Year Eve Look

Sparkling Eye Makeup Tutorial For New Year Eve Look

As we all know that New Year is coming up and all of us want to look pretty so in this post we will be telling you the tutorial of eye makeup that will make your eyes more sparkling on the New Year eve!


  1. In the very first step, you have to make use of an eye shadow primer. Make use of a skin toned eye shadow on your entire eyelid by making use of a big fluffy brush, this brush will help you to retain this primer of yours and in the next steps you will be able to blend the remaining eye shadows in a proper way.
  2. Now apply eyeliner along the lash line. You can make use of any kind of colored eye liner depending on your eye color. Next, you have to smudge the eyeliner by using a short bristled brush and create a smooth smokey finish on your lash line. This smudging of eye liner will make your eyes more catchy and appealing and they will also not look over and overpowering!
  3. 3. Take a medium sized fluffy brush and blend in a dark brown eye shadow and apply it to the outer corner of your eye and into the socket. Make sure that you blend the eye shadow well in the outer corner. You can also make an addition of nude shadow or shimmer in the middle of the eyelid.
  4. 4. Now it is time to line the lash line with the help of black liquid
  5. Now add false lashes!
  6. By using a liquid gold liner, line the outer part of your lash line right above the black liner. Allow it to dry and make 3 to 4 layers of this liquid gold liner.
  7. You can follow the same method under the eye in the inner corner.

  So, this is how you can make your eyes more glittering enough on the New Year Eve!


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