Learn Some Secret Tips To Apply Eye Shadow Makeup

Learn Some Secret Tips To Apply Eye Shadow Makeup

We have seen that eye shadow makeup can make the difference in your look! This post is for all the girls who does not know that how get done with proper eye makeup. You can have a look at some secret tips and get a complete knowledge about proper application of eye shadow makeup.

Eye Shadow Makeup Tips And Ideas

Things Needed To Do Eye Makeup:

•    Makeup brushes,
•    Cotton swabs,
•    Light to dark colored eye shadow shades.

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Tips for Eye Shadow Makeup:

  1. You have to apply a foundation that matches with your skin tone and to your eye lid and the surrounding area. This will give an even tone to your eyes.
  2. First apply lightest eye shadow shade, it will act as a highlighter, this will give your eyes a bright and vivid appearance.
  3. Then apply medium color eye shadow across your lid.
  4. Finally, apply darkest shade of eye shadow; it will create a dramatic look.
  5. You should have a unified look to your makeup along with soft color transitions. You can make use of a cotton swab to get this unified look.
  6. Do also apply eye liner; this will add more appeal in your eyes.
  7. Your final eye makeup will be complete by applying mascara.
  8. If you are going on some casual gathering then it better to have lighter colored eye shadow makeup.
  9. If you are going on some formal event then you can certainly go for darker colored eye shadow makeup.

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So, this was all about the eye shadow makeup tips and ideas, you can apply these tips at your home place and get perfect looking eyes!


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