The Most Fashionable Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair

Mens Hairstyles for Short Hair

Men have a choice from a variety of hairstyles for short hair. They can style their hair in countless different ways. They can give their sexy short hair any kind of style depending on their mood and how handy they are with a styling gel. Yet, it is always recommended that you only opt for those short hair styles that will compliment your face structure. Therefore, you should always consult your hairstylist to know which sexy short hair styles will make you look tasteful and smart.

There are three problems that are associated with short hairstyles that you should understand.

1. Avoid keeping your top hair flat

You should not go for short hairstyles just because you want to leave it flat. Flat hairstyles for short hair do not look good. There may be a few exceptions to this rule depending on your face shape and hair texture. Again, it is important that you talk to a professional hairstylist to figure out whether certain short hair styles will work for you or not.

2. Keep your sideburns simple

Hairstyles for short hair should give you a clean cut look. Therefore, you should not ruin it with lengthy and thick sideburns. Keep them short and simple. Sideburns that extent to your earlobe are fine; any longer than that is not recommended.

3. Pay extra attention to your face and neck

The thing with short hair styles is that it makes your face and neck hair more apparent. Therefore, you should keep your face clean and clear. You should also make sure that you get rid of your neck hair.

Top Five Men’s Hairstyles for Short Hair

Mo and Margaret Nabbach, who are the co-owners of M&M Hair Academy in London, are professional hairdressers and have even won numerous hairdressing awards. They have thought of the five best men’s hairstyles for short hair for this year.

1. Flat Top

Hairstyles for short hair like these need to keep the hair as short as possible. In fact, you will need to cut an even length around your head in order to adopt this sexy short hair style. For the best result, use a scissor to cut your hair as close as possible to your head. You could give the finishing touches with a razor. These sexy short hair styles are great for men with retreating lines since they can easily hide hair loss. These sexy short hair styles are also great for those men who do not have much time to spend taking care of and styling their hair.

2. Textured Fronts

This sexy short hair style presents a front that is brushed forwards and styled to give you an elegant appearance. To obtain these short hairstyles, your hairstylist will have to bring your hair down from your crown and temples towards your forehead. However, your hairstylist will have to style your hair in such a way that your hair does not fall in your eyes as it could be irritating. Also, be sure that your hairstylist keeps your back and sides shorter in order to achieve these short hairstyles.

3. Mussy Top

These hair styles are best for those men who want to fake short hairstyles yet still wish to retain some of their length. You can pull of short hairstyles like this effectively if you have moderate to thick hair. In order to get an incredibly stunning look with these short hairstyles, you need to get your hair layered. Your base layer should be the shortest, and your hair on the sides and top should be a bit thicker. These short hairstyles will not work too well with fine hair since it can be hard to keep layers.

4. Crew Cut

The crew cut is one of the most famous and sought after hair styles for men as it provides a manly attractiveness to an individual. Furthermore, it accentuates your jawline and cheekbones so if these features of your face are really attractive, you should go for a crew cut. This hair style also looks great on men who an oblong face since it does not drag down your face. However, you should avoid this hair style if you have extraordinarily large ears, uncommon head shapes or unusual facial structures. You should also stay away from a crew cut if you do not want to draw attention to your cheekbones and jawline.

5. Spike Cut

The spike cut can help you add a lot of style and approach to your appearance. You can easily make an attractive spike hairstyle and draw attention from everyone around you by using a little bit of hair gel. There are a wide variety of spike hairstyles to choose from, so there will always be something that can complement your face shape. You just need to ask a professional hairstylist about the perfect spike hairstyle for you.


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