How To Find The Most Flattering And Perfect Side Part Hairs

    How to Find the Most Flattering and Perfect Side Part for Your Hairs

    Finding the perfect side part is an art that every woman has to master at one point. You would think that your parting would be natural; at the very least, if you have a cowlick that falls a certain way along your front hairline, you know where your hair likes to fall naturally (even if you don’t like it that way). However, choosing the perfect side part is actually a science and need a bit of practice before you master it completely.

    Now, you may be wondering why you should care about something so trivial as your part. The truth is, ladies, your part can have a major impact on your overall looks. If you choose the wrong part, it could accentuate the features you may not want to highlight. On the other hand, a right part can draw attention on all the best features of your face. To help you, here are some tips you can use to find the most flattering and perfect side part.

    Consider Your Face Shape

    Before deciding which type of parting will be best for you, you need to consider your face shape. Some partings will flatter certain face shapes, but not others, so take a look in the mirror and determine your face shape. If you have a round or square face, a center part will suit you best since it can perfectly frame your face and make your face look slightly longer. It can also help elongate features and define cheekbones.

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    If your face is triangle or heart-shaped, go for a slightly off-center part. By parting your hair just slightly off from the center, you will create a balance between your prominent chin and forehead.

    If your face shape is oval or long, side parts are ideal for you. By wearing a side part, you will create the illusion that your face is wider than it actually is, which is great for women with a long and narrow face. To showcase the best part of your face, part your hair in the line of the arch of your eyebrow on your best side. If you don’t know what your best side is, don’t worry! We will soon learn how to find your best side in order to create the perfect side part.

    Finding The Perfect Side Part

    One way to figure out your best side is to look straight at yourself in the mirror. If your nose goes slightly to one side (most of our noses do), part your hair on the opposite side in order to restore the symmetry of your face.

    Another way is to concentrate on your facial features and figure out your stronger side. Before you get down to it, wash and condition your hair since it will make parting easier. After drying your hair with a towel, it is recommended that you spray in a repairing treatment like ‘Beautifying Elixirs Leave-In Repair Treatment’. Then, dry your hair as you like (with a brush or roughly dry it with your fingers). Next, make sure you have a mirror, comb, piece of paper and styling products before finding out your perfect side part.

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    Now, everyone has a weak and strong side to their face. To find your strong face, sit in front of a mirror and hold a piece of printed paper on one side of your face. Then, move the paper to the other side and look at your facial features. Continue moving the paper back and forth until you observe the slight different between the symmetry of your features.

    The side of your face that has more features turned in the upward direction is your stronger side. You want to expose your stronger side, so your perfect side part should rest along the weaker side of your face.

    Once you have chosen your side, you can make your perfect side part. To do so, comb from outside of your eye on the front to the center of the back of your head to make sure the symmetry of your hairstyle is perfect.

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    To finish the look, it is recommended that you use a cream or pomade, like Beautifying Elixirs Control Crème, on your perfect side part to hold down any flyaways. Make sure that the product you use does not make your hair feel sticky or stiff. Also, be sure to stay away from a really oily product since you will be applying the product really close to your roots, which are the oiliest part of your hair.

    Your hair will not naturally part in the way you have chosen, especially if you originally used to part your hair in a different way. Therefore, you will have to train your hair. For a few weeks, you will have to manually part your hair and use a control cream to make it stay that way. However, after a while, your hair will remember to stay that way.

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