Five Inspiring Ways To Rock A Blazer

    Inspiring Ways to Use the Blazer

    Inspiring Ways to Use the Blazer

    Blazers are preferred for their flattering shape and timeless style but you have no idea how flexible this simple jacket can be. Don’t think that your blazer is too dressy for your normal wear. Revitalize your blazer and follow the below mentioned great ways to rock it.

    If you really want to mix the styles, just pair your blazer with the deeply distressed jeans. The blend of the faded denim and inspiring blazer creates a perfect chic style that is perfect for the wedding night chilling day out with friends. This style is not best for the work, unless the relaxed office day, but it’s faultless to convert your blazer more stylish.

    If you are living in a country where the weather is cold outside, make your blazer into an extra layer and wear it over your knitted jumper. Group it with Fair Isle sweaters or cable knits to make your blazer extra stylish. This is a perfect way to deal with cold weather and, if your workplace is equipped with the central heating, you can easily take off a layer and chill out.

    Team your blazer with a plaid shirt to give a different touch to your wardrobe. To get this look, you have to choose a fitted cut shirt with a fairly thin material. This will sit under the blazer perfectly and make you more trendy. Bold plaids are great to give a fun, modern feel to your wardrobe.

    The trend for men’s cardigans are in fashion and mixing a V-neck with your blazer definitely transforms a boring look into the layered style. Complete the outfit with a crew-neck t-shirt but make sure that you don’t show off too much chest and jean for a relaxed outfit.

    Your most casual wardrobe clothes work well with the blazer. From skinny jeans to t-shirts and skirts all look good and chic if it will combine with a large handbag.

    What I like about the blazer is that it is perfect for everyone. Regardless of what you wear plus size clothing or a pair of loose jeans and regardless of whether you are looking for a formal outfit for looking to hit the markets in town, blazers are perfect match for every occasions.

    If you never think about wearing a blazer in the past for some reason, but now thinking that they are suitable for you and you want to purchase one, 2015 is definitely the time to do so. A wide range of different sizes and styles are available in the market so you will don’t have to worry about either a blazer suites you or not? It would definitely stand out you from the crowd. You will definitely feel special when wearing the latest fashion trends while hitting the high streets.

    Inspiring Ways to Use the Blazer will help you to select the best for you according to your personality and taste.


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