Five Strand Dutch Braid For Medium Hairs – DIY Tutorial

Five Strand Dutch Braid Made Easy – DIY Tutorial

Five Strand Dutch Braid – DIY  Tutorial

Five strand dutch braid updo in these summer days is an excellent choice for a hairstyle that does not require heat (prepping). It is just as easy as doing a regular three strand dutch braid. And certainly, it gives you a much more intricate looking than a regular dutch braid. See the video below:

The five strand dutch braid easy technique:

It looks more tricky than it actually is! It is very important not to get discouraged before you give it s try! The beauty is that you do not have to think about keeping track of all the strands. You have to know how to weave your fingers and grab on to the hair. The strands will be properly separated at all times.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Brush your hair backwards. Pick up a U shaped section at the top, gliding your fingers from the temples to the back (you can go lower or higher depending on where you want to start).
  2. Place 4 fingers on the top of your crown, glide them backwards through that section and then grab the 5 strand you’ve created.
  3. If you used your right hand in the step above, you will start weaving from your left side. Grab the leftmost strand with your left hand. Take the ring finger of your left hand (while holding on to the leftmost strand) and place it under strand 2 and over strand 3. Then place your middle finger over both strand 2 and 3. The middle finger joins the ring finger and you grab those sections in your fist, freeing the index finger to do the next step.
  4. Take your index finger and place it under strand 4 and over 5.
  5. Add in new hair from the right side to strand number 5, which you are now holding between your index finger and your middle finger. In the meantime hold strand 4 between your index finger and your thumb.
  6. Now grab on to strand number 4 with your right hand and prepare your right ring finger to repeat steps 3-5 from the right side.
  7. After you run out of hair to add in to the braid, you can continue with the same weaving technique without adding in new hair a bit down, or tie everything into a pony at the nape of your neck. You can create a small bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Additional Tip:

You can use your hand freely to smooth the strands. Do not to let go the position of your weaving hand. This will make sure the strands are separated. You can use the same method when braiding other people’s hair too! You must hold your hands in the exact same position.


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