DIY: Learn How To Make French Braid Updo Easily

    DIY: Learn How To Make French Braid Updo Easily

    If you have long hairs and that too fluffy ones then the best choice for your hairs would be turning them into French braid updo. Well some of the women have a notion that making the French braid updo is one of the most complicated hairstyles but if you are knowing with its main steps of making then surely you can make yourself quite elegant and versatile stylish with this hairstyle. Moving ahead in this article we will going to explain out with the main steps in the form of tutorial for making up with the French braid updo.


    1. In the first level you have to divide the hairs into two sections. You have to start from one section of hairs starting from the top of the head. Divide this first section into 3 strands by crossing them over the right middle and then left over middle.

    2. Now move all the strands over to your left side hand. Just keep the strands separate.

    3. You can even make the choice of taking some small sections of hairs from the right side of the heads and then adding it in the right strand.

    4. Now all the strands that you have added on the right side must be bring over the middle side and all the middle strands should be bring up at the right side.

    5. Now switch the hands so that all the strands can get separate and in this way your left hand will be all free.

    6. Go at the left side of the hairs and gather all the strands. Add them over the left side of the hairs.

    7. Now you have to bring all the left hand side strands in the middle and take all the middle strands over the left side.

    So, here we have all ended with the making of French hair braid updo! Make sure you keep your hands tightly closed during the process. Also give us your feedback in the comment box below.


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