How To Get Fresh Look With Natural Looking Makeup

How To Get Fresh Look With Natural Looking Makeup

Overly done makeup always looks gaudy. There are certain occasions where heavy makeup might be accepted, but on a daily basis, it would be great if you sport a fresh look with dewy skin and bright eyes. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t apply makeup at all. Here’s how you can attain that beautiful, fresh look with dewy skin using the natural looking makeup techniques of the professionals.


Focus on a natural base. A cakey base with layers of foundation and powder are a big no-no! Use primer to fill up the pores and hide scars efficiently. Apply a thin layer. Use a good brush or a puff to blend the primer and powder efficiently onto your skin for a natural looking complexion. To hide blemishes, you can use a blemish balm cream or a lighter foundation. Use a face powder that is a tone lighter than your complexion, which will give you a fairer, brighter and natural looking makeup base.

Next, focus on the eyes. Try and enhance your eyes with minimal makeup. Don’t dab on layers of mascara. Use the one that is close to your natural hair color. Put on minimum mascara just to add some volume and definition to your eyes without creating a harsh look. For natural looking makeup, one coat is more than enough. After the mascara, define your waterline with a nude eyeliner pencil. This will give your eyes a bright look.

For natural looking makeup, don’t opt for extra shimmery or heavy cream blushes. Play with tones of pink. Go for a matte, flat blush. Always apply blush in a room/area with a lot of light. You need to be certain you haven’t dabbed on layers of blush to tint your cheeks.

Coming to the lips, it’s great if you apply colorless gloss. But you need to have well-hydrated, rosy looking natural lips for that. Drink a lot of water to keep them hydrated. Also, exfoliate your lips for a natural red color.

For natural looking makeup, opt for a light lip-stain or a lip balm in shades of pink. Sheer nude lip shades in pink and browns are great for a natural look as they give your lips a lighter tint without looking over the top.

Remember the key is to use minimum makeup but create a subtle and gorgeous look from that only. Follow these tips and you’re ought to look more beautiful naturally!


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