Fast Results: 5 Proven Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

Fast Results: 5 Proven Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

All girls whose have dark and dull complexion lips feeling not good about their appearance and beauty. They always try to avoid the beautiful colors in lipstick with some complex in their personality. This problem is very common, but very rare tips and recommendations you will get on the internet or in your daily life.  With the dark lips usually girls are looking not good because darkness ruins the accurate shades of the lipstick.


Girls having dark lips required more care and attitude in the selection of the shades and brands of the lipsticks. So, it is not much difficult. Just need to take a look on your skin tone with lip colors. I will guide you completely that which colors and brands of the lipstick to be used.

1. Be Confident About Your Personality:

It is very important and the first thing that you should have confidence about your personality and your beauty. You are unique and only in the world so no one have a match in this universe including you. You are the best creation of the God. You have all blessings and beauties in your life that gives you a unique identity for yourself.  If you have dark lips, no worry definitely you also have other beautiful features. You have the combination of all stuff on your face and your beauty. So it’s yours, plus factor about your personality that you have good and bad but you are unique.

2. Selection Of Right Color Lipstick:

Selection of right color according to your skin tone is very important, but it’s not focus factor basically. Basic tips going to tell you, but this thing also have its own importance. Select the light colors, especially pinkish colors in your collection of lipstick. Focus on glowing natural foundation with the combination of that shade of lipsticks. It will give you a glowing look with natural pinkish lips. Light pink color will be in dark pinkish colors due to the reflection of lips. It will give you fresh and beautiful look.

3. Regular Use Of Chap Stick:

If you are not happy with your lip colors and also you can’t use lipstick daily so don’t worry. You should have the Chap Stick in your bag with fresh and great flavors. You should try the chap sticks with the flavors of strawberry, grapes and many others. Chap Stick will give the softness and much better color combinations with your facial features.

4. Consultation With Makeup Artists:

You should have the regular contact with your beauticians and makeup artists if you are beautiful lovers. You are beautiful and you can occupy the some bad features by other dominant beautiful features. So you are beautiful and you can prove it. I hope you will love my suggestions when you will show the confidence. It will give you more beauty by inner.

5. Key Tips:

  1. Use light pinkish colors.
  2. Use exact match and suitable color in the foundation.
  3. Use foundation according to your skin tone.
  4. Use some foundation on your lips before applying lipstick.
  5. Not excessive use of foundation on skin.
  6. Use a little quantity of foundation on your lips also not too much.
  7. After applying foundation on lips remove it slightly.
  8. Always use fingers to mix the foundation color with your skin tone.

All points will give you attractive look if you follow them carefully. One thing keep in mind that everything should be used in proper quantity. Excessive use of everything can have the ability to ruin the beauty of anything. So use proper and exact quantity by proper and recommended methods. You will feel good and better than earlier.


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