A Guide to Vintage Inspired Wedding Cute Hairstyles

A Guide to Vintage-Inspired Wedding Cute Hairstyles

A Guide to Vintage Inspired Wedding Cute Hairstyles

 The most appealing thing about a vintage wedding is that it allows a bride to portray her character and personality that is just not possible with a traditional ‘white wedding’. Vintage brides have an entire world of classic fashion within their reach, and a wide range of gorgeous vintage dresses and wedding cute hairstyles to choose for their uber-special glamorous wedding ceremony.

Along with the bridal clothes, vintage brides can also take inspiration from the past for their makeup and cute haircuts styles. Even though makeup can be easily remove and applied again, styling hair for a wedding ceremony can be a complicated process that can involve hours of styling and sometimes, quite a lot of hair has to be cut off! This means that it is imperative that you decide on the ideal cute girls hairstyles well ahead of time. You, of course, don’t want to be unhappy with your absolutely cute hairstyles on your wedding day and be unable to do anything about it. Fortunately, we are here to walk you through some popular vintage cute haircuts styles and help you choose the most suitable one!

‘20s and ‘30s Vintage Cute Hairstyles

Vintage cute girls hairstyles, a lot like wedding gowns, are split into different eras which make it easy for you to select a style based on the time period you wish to portray. You can numerous pins about hairs according to the era on Pinterest. For example, if you wish to take inspiration from the ‘20s and ‘30s, you should consider looking at the classic magnificent style of flappers to get inspiration. Traditionally, the flapper style consists of absolutely cute hairstyles with a short bob that can be worn either straight or wavy. For a wedding, waves are usually preferred to give a classy, elegant look. The cute haircuts styles are ideal for women that have short hair or those who are willing to cut their hair short. You can also take inspiration by looking at pins about hairs from the ‘20s and ‘30s.

‘40s and ‘50s Hairdos

The ‘40s and ‘50s also offer a lot of cute girls hairstyles inspiration for the vintage bride as you can see from pins about hairs from the ‘40s and ‘50s. Celebrities such as the screen diva Marilyn Monroe succinctly show what the era was all about, and her medium length wavy bob is a surefire way to attain magnificent vintage glamour. Women with longer hair can take inspiration from the pin-up girls of the era, who usually wore their hair in an updo. They pinned, curled and styled their long hair to get magnificent cute haircuts styles. If you do decide to go for an updo, you should get someone else to help you out since it can be rather difficult to make one alone.

‘60s and ‘70s Vintage Vibe

The absolutely cute hairstyles of the ‘60s and ‘70s reflect ‘free love’ and a revolution in people’s beliefs and thoughts that shaped those decades. This is why you can see a lot of loose styles such as loose free-flowing hair in the pins about hairs of the ‘60s and ‘70s. If you want to give a ‘60s vibe, you should look at Audrey Hepburn and her glamorous, complicated oversized bun styles for inspiration. The best thing about these cute girls hairstyles is that you can play around with the style and shape of the bun, which leaves it open to interpretation. The ‘70s was the era of the hippy and free love. You can reflect this in by leaving your loose curls down.

General Vintage Hairstyles

Of course, not every bride wants to base their vintage wedding on a specific era and instead chooses to go for ‘vintage’ as a broad theme. Fortunately, there are quite a few cute girls hairstyles that will suit this broad theme as you can see from pins about hairs for a vintage wedding. For instance, wavy cute haircuts styles are best to portray a classy, timeless look and suit both short and long hair. Girls with long hair should consider curls to give a vintage vibe. Loose curls are much more suitable for a vintage wedding than snug curls. Straight hair usually doesn’t go too well with the vintage look, unless it is done in a glamorous ‘40s style bob.

Vintage Accessories

Accessories are the key to attain vintage glamor. It is no different for hair. A vintage hair accessory, such as a comb or tiara, can give extra glamor to absolutely cute hairstyles. It is like a tasty cherry on top of a stunning bridal cake! Vintage hair accessories, such as jewelry and apparels, can be old like those bought from specialist vintage dealers to go with cute hairstyles. They can also be new like those made by couturiers that specialize in vintage wedding fashion to suit cute hairstyles. Either way, the perfect hair accessories can provide the right finish to your vintage cute hairstyles.


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