How To Do Hair Bow?

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    How to do hair bow? Have you ever thought about making the hair bow on your wedding? Some of the women have a strong notion that making the hair bow and then managing it perfectly is one of the most complicated tasks. But if you have skills in it then nothing is impossible at all. In this article we will going to have step by step discussion for making stunning looking hair bow.


    ·         In the very beginning you have to make two divisions of hairs on each single side. Make sure that bigger the sections the bigger will be the bow and the more it will come out as attractive looking for the eyes.

    ·         Now take the two sections in hand and tie them with the help of elastic bands for forming a ponytail. Try to keep both the sections as little bit loose.

    ·         Now split the loops in half sections and tie them up with the help of clips.

    ·         Use the fingers to spread all the loops and push it for giving a flat image. In this way the bow shape will be formed over the head.

    ·        As you are finished with one section now repeat all the steps with the second section in same way.

    ·         Now in the last pick up the rest of the hairs and tie them with the help of colorful ponytails. You can even decorate the hair bow with some cute looking hair pins.

     In the end of the article we will be sharing one pictures of hair bow as well for the easiness of the women and so as brides. Now make the choice of this hairstyle for your wedding and make yourself look out as complete different from others.


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