Hair Chalk: Things You Need To Know About Coloring Your Hairs

    Hair Chalk: Things You Need To Know About Coloring Your Hairs

    Dyeing your hair is fun and exciting, but once you get your hair dyed, there’s no going back. It takes at least 3-4 months to get the dye off your hair and during this time, it is possible for one to become bored of the hair color. For example, the person may find brown hair color attractive in the beginning, but after 1 or 2 months, he gets bored of the color but is not able to get a new color since he already has brown color dyed on his hair. Apart from that, repeatedly dyeing may be harmful for your hair and can cause hair loss and other hair problems.

    But not anymore thanks to this latest hair product called hair chalk. Hair chalk is the latest hair color craze and it is rapidly becoming more famous all over the world. It is basically a kind of chalk that works on hair. Below are some advantages of using a hair chalk:

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    Advantages of Using Hair Chalk

    1. Hair chalk is a new product specially designed to work on hair. As compared to hair dyes, it has absolutely no side effects so you don’t have to worry about hair problems like hair loss, dandruff and split ends etc.
    2. The best advantage of hair chalk is that it is very easy to use. Unlike spending the whole evening dyeing your hair, all you have to do to apply hair color on your hair is to rub the hair chalk on damp hair for some time until you get enough color. Dry with a hair dryer and for finishing, use a hair spray so as not to get your clothes stained afterwards.
    3. As easy it is to color your hair using these chalks, it is even easier to remove them from your hair. All one has to do to get these off their hair is to wash them preferably using a shampoo and they will get their original color back.
    4. These chalks can be used on any hair color and any hair type. You can color your hair red even if you have black hair color. Apart from that, these chalks can be used to make the best hairstyles effortlessly and quickly. These chalks have introduced a new variety of hairstyles to choose from.

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    Hair chalks have very few disadvantages which are mentioned below:

    Disadvantages of Using Hair Chalk

    1. Hair chalks mess up your hands and leave them dirty afterwards.
    2. The color keeps coming off unless you use a really good company’s product.
    3. It is harder to comb your hair after using hair chalks, so it is advised to use them AFTER you comb your hair.
    4. If you have long hair that reach farther than your neck, the color of the chalks might stain your shirt. Use a hair spray or a similar product at the end of your hair to minimize this problem.

    In short, this is a very useful product and it has promptly replaced dyes in the market. Non-oil based hair chalk is the best as the other ones can possibly damage your hair.


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