Hair Color – It Is the New Hair affair


    Your luscious locks, short bob, layers, or medium-length hair need a spice up from time to time. Hair trends are endlessly developing and changing to give a new edge to your hair. Previously, people used to color their hair to cover up their greys. They never knew that hair color will fly high and become a fashion statement. Hair is a woman’s ornament; you carry your hair as an accessory of your body that makes you feel beautiful. Hair dyeing is an ancient art and it uses different hair colors to empower your hair. Hair stylists use various techniques and chemicals to color your hair either permanently, temporarily, semi-permanently or demi-permanently. Hair color originally was applied to the overall hair. The modern trend is to use several colors and shades to produce streaks or gradation on top of a single base color. The names given to these techniques are referred as:


    In this technique, the sections of hair are treated with lighteners and they usually create blond streaks.

    Low lighting

    Sections of hair are treated with darker hair color.


    A lock of hair or a thicker bunch of hair is selected and is colored in any desired color. People mostly prefer bold chunky colors.


    Frosting refers to the process of free-hand lightening the tips of the hair and is often performed on men’s hair too.

    Hair Painting

    This is a new hair color trend; it can also be done at home. Balayage is a technique of free-form hair painting and the results are more subtle and natural. Hair chalk and hair sprays can be used to dye your hair easily at home.

    Ombré Hair Color

    Ombré is a French word which means ‘shaded like a gradient’. This style of hair coloring involves darker hair on the crown and bit by bit it becomes lighter towards the end.

    These can be applied using methods like foiling, tipping, dip-dye, balayage or with the use of bath cap (making holes in it and stretching out some strands of hair to color them evenly). The most talked about hair color trend this year is ombré hair. From celebrities to a school going teenager, this look is rocking the streets and ramps. Stylists are amazed to see the turnover from basic hair dyeing to ombré hair techniques. Whoever opts for this hair color is open to whatever shades of color they want. With bold, soft, colorful or natural hair, it is a great way to have low maintenance hair that does not sacrifice your hair style. So, let’s study some ombré hair color trends in detail.

    If you are far from the beach, you can achieve the ultimate beachy look with a soft transition into caramel ombré with natural brown hair. Ombré doesn’t always have to be a brown to blonde transition. Chocolate into cherry transition adds interest and brightness to your everyday look. It is great for brunette hair. One of the hottest hair color trend in ombré is adding vivid and bold colors like pin, red, lavender or mint blue. Honey-toned ombré leaves you waking up in a mist of clouds.

    Short hair ladies don’t have to miss out all the fun in this latest trend. Bright platinum ends in a long bob or cropped hair can look very stylish and appealing. Lightening the ends of your hair with your natural beige hair color will soften your look, especially for summers.

    You can wear your ombré hair color down if you have medium hair with a wavy texture, which will work perfectly with sun kissed ends. Try a little color blocking with dark and light tones to give natural loose curls to your hair to give it a formal look. If you mix dark blonde roots with platinum tips, try tucking your hair to one side with a beautiful glittering accessory to give it an icy look.

    Get a reverse ombré from your stylist and straighten your hair to give it an edgy look. A messy side braid is trending, so if you have two shades of ombré hair color, you can braid up your hair as it is a sure-fire hair hit. Never underestimate the power of a super-sleek, straight ponytail. It has become a fashion forward spritz and lighter hair in your pony tail gives a lot of jazz to your hair. To achieve a voluminous do, part your hair, pin it up, scrunch it at the bottom, brush your hair out and then back into place.

    Hair buns are in trend this season, so why not try it with ombré hair color? A high bun will work with any hair length and watch how a different shade of hair color is placed in your bun to have a unique style. Focus on the front of your hair, ensuring that your fringe or layered locks curl gently over the eye and away from your face to frame your hair. Go crazy to find the ultimate statement hairstyle for your ombré hair.


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