Hairstyles 2014 For Overweight Women

Sassy Shag hair

Hairstyles 2014 For Overweight Women. If a woman has been overweight for longer time period then she normally gets used with it. She never favors changing her lifestyle and way of living the life. They always think that no hairstyle can compliment with their looks and body shape therefore they put a break in searching for such haircuts that would look ideal on them. But this is actually a wrong notion! There are many hairstyles that are meant for both the slim and fat women and to certain extent it compliments their whole personality as well.



In this article we will be highlighting out some of the best top famous hairstyles 2014 for overweight women.

Hairstyles 2014 For Overweight Women:

1. The Sassy Shag: It is a form of medium length of layered haircut for the overweight women. It is best for the women with round face because it hides the chin and forehead. Side bangs are placed in an angled way. Make sure that if you are making the choice of such haircut then you must sweep the bangs to the side so that it can add with slightest fluffiness.


2. The Cheeky Pixie: This is one of the ideal hairstyles for the women with excessive overweight. It frames the upper part of the face and even highlights the fine cheekbones too. The bangs are kept at one side for making face slimmer.

3. The Feisty Flip: On the last we have one of the popular hairstyle known as Feisty Flip! This haircut comes in different shape and lengths of flips. It is medium in length and is placed in between the chin and shoulders. It is the choice of women that whether she want to keep the bangs longer or short ones.





So all the women with overweight body look just make the choice of your favorite hairstyle and make yourself look out trendier in overweight image as well.



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