What Hairstyles to Choose for Your Face Shape

    Right Hairstyle for the Right Face Shape

    Finding the right hairstyle for your face shape is important for pulling off the correct look. The very first step in choosing a hairstyle is to know your face shape and the defining characteristics of your face. Look at your face carefully in the mirror and think long and hard about it. Be honest with yourself. Do you have a marked and square jaw that you want to direct attention away from? Or you perhaps have large chubby cheeks that make you look like a squirrel with a mouth full of nuts? If you have difficulty knowing what face shape you truly have, then you could consult a professional hairstylist who will be able to tell in one glance what your face shape is. Whatever your face shape is, there is always a right hairstyle for you out there and we just need to decide what it really is.

    Hairstyles According to Face Shapes

    Does your face have soft features with the exact same length and width? If yes, then you may have a round face shape. However, there is no need to worry because it’s not a bad thing. All you have to do is choose a hairstyle that will minimize your face’s roundness and make it appear narrower and slimmer. To do so, you need to have a hairstyle that is thick on the top of your head but slim near your face. You should also go for hair that is short or just past your shoulders. Shoulder length hair on a round face can make you look thick and broad, which is not exactly flattering and the look you would want to go for.

    If your forehead is about the same size as your jawline, you almost definitely have a square face shape. You probably have a face that is loaded with some sharp attributes. The best thing about having a square face is that you can wear your hair at any length you want. The only thing you need to avoid like the plague is a flat monotonous style and straight bangs. You should layer your hair like your life depends on it. This is necessary to reduce the squareness of your face. You need to play up your attractive features. Concerning bangs, you could go for side bangs that sweep across your face, but just stay away from straight bangs as it will just make your face like more square. If your hair is really fine, it will be really helpful to put some product in it to give it a boost and add some volume. You could also add some curvy bouncy lines around your square jaw to make your facial characteristics look softer, even if they are as hard as a rock.

    Do you have a chin that meets down to a small tiny point but have a big forehead? Congratulations, you have a heart-shaped face. The best thing about a heart-shaped face is that you can pull off just about any haircut. Almost everything looks great on a heart-shaped face. However, you need to avoid a jaw-length short bob or heavy bangs. You should also skip on shorter bangs since they can be hard to control if you have a widow’s peak as well as cowlicks. You need to have voluminous and full hair around your jawline. For heart-shaped faces, shoulder length hair is the best as it not only takes away from your weak chin, but also complements your facial construction.

    Do you have a face that is 1.5 times longer than it is broad? Well then, you have a long face. With a long face, you have to avoid any high hairstyle since it will only accentuate your length. You should also avoid long straight hair with no movement or layers because the vertical lines will only serve to increase your problem. You want width, not height. You have a wide variety of haircuts to choose from for a long face. The one thing you should stay away from at all costs is a long sleek hairstyle and a hard bob that makes your face look longer. Everything else can be styled to give the illusion of width.

    Now, of course, not everyone’s face fits into the perfect face shapes and you get some mixes along the away. But these tricks can work for most women in general, so you should keep this guide in mind whenever you go for a haircut. Remember that your face shape is not the only thing that will determine your hair style. Look at your facial characteristics and see what you want to play up. Then, choose a hairstyle accordingly. Once you know your face shape and attractive facial characteristics, you can easily know which hairstyle will suit you best and how you can best showcase your wonderful face.


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