Heat Proof Hairstyles – 3 Easy Rope Braid UPDOS

    Heat Proof Hairstyles – 3 Easy Rope Braid UPDOS

    Since hot days are finally on their way (fingers crossed!), I’m feeling ready to get some quick and easy heat proof hairstyles in my repertoire. The rope braid is such an easy and versatile braid, and it’s definitely worth knowing, if you don’t already. You can make it tiny, just to add a bit of detail to a hairstyle, or you can make it large and fluffy and add lots of volume to fine hair. The point is, the option are practically unlimited.

    Heat Proof Hairstyles

    Today I’m bringing you 3 very easy and quick updo ideas that all incorporate the rope braid. Watch the video below for instructions or read them further down. Let’s jump right in!

    The 4 rope braids updo


    1. Section off the hair  in the front, from the top of your head to the top of your ears and clip it away.
    2. Divide the rest of your hair in the back into two sections, without making any clear and visible part.
    3. Braid each section into a regular rope braid. Divide the section into two strands and twist each individual strand in the same direction, towards the face. Then twist the strands over each other in the opposite direction, away from the face. Continue giving each individual strand a twist before you twist them over each other in the opposite direction and secure the braids with a clear elastic.
    4. Gently pull on the edges of the braids for volume.
    5. Fold the left braid to the right side, hide the ends and pin everything in place with bobby pins. Then fold the right braid to the left side and do the same.
    6. Moving on to the front: Pick up a small section near the part and divide it into two strands. Cross them over each other away from the face. Add additional hair to both strands from the front and back and cross them over each other again. After you have no more hair to add from the back, continue adding in hair only from the front hairline until you reach the top of your ear.
    7. After incorporating in all the hair, continue braiding a regular rope braid all the way down, following the above steps. Secure the braid with an elastic and pull it apart for volume. Repeat on the other side.
    8. Drape the braids over the previous ones and pin in place with bobby pins. Make sure to hide all the ends.

    That’s it! It may seem like a lot of steps when you’re reading it, but I promise it’s quick and simple! Let’s move on to the next one!

    The side rope braid updo


    1. Make a side part and pick up a section near the part on the heavier side. Divide it into two strands.
    2. Start twisting the strands over each other away from the face. Add in new hair only from the hairline after each twist.
    3. Continue step 2 all the way down and around to the other side.
    4. After incorporating all of the hair into the braid, start twisting each separate strand in the opposite direction of how you twist them over each other. This will keep the braid from unraveling after you secure it with an elastic.
    5. Tuck the ends of the braid into the pocket that has formed over the braid. Pin it all securely in place with bobby pins.

    If you left out any face framing pieces, you can give them a little curl for a more put together look. And now finally over to the last style:

    The rope braid bun


    1. Make a high ponytail.
    2. Divide it into sections and make several rope braids. If your hair is long you can make only one or two, but if it’s on the shorter side it’s better to have more of them and have more options when you start placing them around to form a bun.
    3. Start playing around with the placement of the braids, folding them around the nape of the ponytail and around each other. Pin everything in place with bobby pins.


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