Heatless Beach Curls For Medium Length Hair To Try Out


Heat Less Beach Curls For Medium Length Hair

You may have been struggling to find the perfect method of heat less beach curls for your shorter or medium length hairs. The long haired girls may use a headband to tuck their hairs around and leave overnight. But it does not work on short hairs. There is need to find a solution to curl or wave the hairs, without leaving dents or kinks.

So what is the perfect way to attain heat less beach curls in medium hair?

The perfect way to attain the desired beach curls is making rope braid pigtails on damp hair. You can also opt for french or dutch braids but this will give too much of crimped hair feel. When you will go for a sleep in your pigtails, you can not braid the shorter hairs too loosely otherwise it will fall apart. In morning, after taking shower you can do this on wet hairs and rushed out the door with a cute hairstyle. Once it dries you can take it out and enjoy gorgeous beach waves!

Perfect way to achieve heat less beach curls:


  1. Work with either wet or damp hair after washing it. It is a bit easier to work with damp hairs, plus the hair will dry quicker. Make a mid parting and divide your hair in two sections.
  2. Take a small triangular section at the top from your forehead to the parting and divide into two strands.
  3. Cross the strands away from your face placing the lower one over the top one.
  4. Add additional sections to both strands (from the hairline and from the parting) and cross over again.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 all the way down, then do the same on the other side. Tie both braids with a rubber elastic. It has to be tight enough to not slip off, but make sure you don’t tie it too tight. Remember, your hairs are more fragile while wet and you might damage your ends. Plus, you will want to avoid getting dents at the ends of your hair.

Additional Tip:

When you have no more hairs to add to the strands then try twisting each separately in opposite direction. This will make sure to do not fall apart. You can do this practice before sleeping or next morning. If you have more time in the day before leaving the house, you can wash your hairs and wait until they get dry. To dry completely in little time, put some heat protect-ant in your hairs prior to twisting. Now run your fingers through hair and spray a mist of sea salt spray over it.



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